Security And Maintenance

Security Alarm

We Know to take care of the technical complications of hosting your website and protecting your online assets against server corruption. We want you to have a peace of mind knowing that you can always restore the most updated version of data back online in an inadvertent case of server corruption, disaster.

Website/App Maintenance Plans








1. Automatic Malware Scan YES YES YES
  • Automated scanning for Trojan horses,
  • Automated scanning for Adware
  • Automated scanning for Worms
  • Automated scanning for Spyware
  • Automated scanning for Malware Codes.
  • Automated scanning for Bolts
  • Automated scanning for Spiders
2. Malware Removal YES YES YES
  • Removal of Backdoors
  • Removal of Rootkits
  • Removal of Trojan horses
  • Removal of worms
  • Removal of Fraud Tools
  • Removal of adware
  • Removal of spyware
  • Removal of any other malware.
  • Deep Analysis of:

    • Application
    • Server
    • Database
    • Software Application
  • Advanced heuristic analysis.
3. Blacklisting Monitoring YES YES YES
  • Blacklisting Monitoring
  • IP Blacklisting
  • Downtime
4. Blacklist Removal YES YES YES
  • Firewall technology
  • Patch website on Vulnerabilities
  • Virtual hardening
  • Patching technology for Faster Loading
5. Scan & Block Hacking attempts YES YES YES
  • Limiting the access to FTP
  • Dynamically blocking Login attempts
  • Identifying entry points
  • Installing scanning software programs
  • Removal of default, test and example pages
  • Configuring firewalls
6. Denial of Service (DDoS) Protection YES YES YES
7. Automated Website Backups with Database NO YES YES
  • Backup Services for the protection of:

    • WebPages
    • Databases
    • Files
    • Emails
  • Backups done incrementally to ensure:

    • Efficient Data Storage
    • Accurate data storage
  • Protect from threats by:

    • Hackers
    • Cyber Criminals
  • Easy recovery and restoration of your data
  • Automated Website Backup offers a reliable backup solution for all data, including:

    • All of website files
    • MySQL database files
    • Images and additional website information
    • Scripts and applications used for your website
    • cPanel email forwarding structure and stored emails.
8. Manual Website Backups with Database YES YES YES
  • Copying files or databases preserved in case of:

    • Equipment failure
    • Other catastrophe
  • Insurance against all types of setbacks, such as:

    • Security compromises
    • Inadvertently deleting your entire site
9. Website/Application Firewall Integration YES YES YES
  • Protection against web application security risks
  • Protection against SQL injection
  • Protection against cross-site scripting
  • Protection against Illegal resource access
  • Protection against remote file inclusion
  • Total website security
  • Highly targeted vulnerability remediation
  • Automated remediation that reduces the time, complexity and cost of
  • Protecting your Web applications without the need for manual intervention.
10. CMS version monitor & update NO YES YES
  • The main reasons for keeping every aspect of your CMS up to date are:

    • Security
    • Performance
    • Bug fixes
    • Compatibility
    • Features
11. Third –Party Plugin version monitor & update NO YES YES
  • Plugins need to be updated as soon as updates are available, particularly patches to plugins which are bug and security fixes.
  • Plugin upgrades are so big that we need to recreate any customized template files or stylesheets or re-enter data
12. Cross-Browser & Device Compatibility Check NO YES YES
  • Live testing environment with access to various browsers across different operating systems in order to enhance efficiency and user experience and thereby, business.
13. Mobile Responsive Check
(Simulated Environment)
NO YES YES + Detailed
Function checks
  • Functionality Checks & Fixing:

    • All pages
    • All Links
    • All Form
    • Other functional elements of the site
14. Usability Testing –
User scenario creation & checks
NO YES YES + Detailed
Function checks
15. Requirement wise Modification on Website/Performance Enhancement NO YES YES

Terms of maintenance

  • 1. If a monthly plan is chosen – service will be charged in advance which is non-refundable on a pro rata basis.
  • 2. Yearly Plan will be charged on pro rata basis as per the discounted amount. A charge of 2 initial months is non-refundable.
  • 3. For Monitoring & fixing multiple elements of the website on a regular basis, many internal & external resources/services will be used.
  • 4. All the service hours are subject to man hours spent (details below per month). Any additional charges per hour spent will be based upon technology of the website.
Basic Basic + Pro
10 Hours 17 Hours 23 Hours
  • 5. The three plans defined are designed on a general study of the size and security requirements of websites and web applications owners. A custom plan can be created : “PRO Advanced” for websites having a larger database.