Javascript has a gamut of frameworks in its universe that have their unique offerings and functionalities. Each framework has something to offer. Some have already hit the slack stage while others due to their overall versatility are still going strong. 

React Native is one of those strong frameworks that is going strong and the future also seems bright for it. 

What is React Native?

Developers make real and exciting mobile apps with React Native with the aid of Javascript. The Javascript library supports both iOS and Android platforms. With just one coding, React Native apps are made available on both the platforms. It is a popular framework that is backed by Facebook and has a huge community support today. It has been built on top of React Js and is a tough competitor to AngularJs. 

Hence, React Native is a framework which constructs hierarchy of UI components for building the JS code. To build native mobile applications, it has a unique set of components for both the platforms.

A brief background

The journey of React Native has been compelling to say the least. It came into this world with the Hackathon Project of Facebook in 2013. With that start and till the point now, it has become one of the most adopted frameworks for mobile apps on iOS and Android. Facebook also announced in 2015 that React native will be available on Github which was another step towards success. Over the past couple of years the use of React Native has increased aggressively. 

The React JavaScript framework has many innate benefits which makes it a favored choice for users.


It is very clear that developers do not want to invest their time and resources learning a technology which has no future. But, with Google trends showing React Native as strong as it was earlier, and it’s going to rule the mobile application development world. 

React Native is used by many Fortune 500 companies and startups alike, including, of course, Facebook, but also Instagram, Bloomberg, Pinterest, Skype, Tesla, Uber, Walmart,, and many more. React Native’s GitHub repository statistics divulge that close to 2,000 contributors have committed 16,000 times in 72 branches with over 300 releases.

According to the Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2018, which asked the question and answer site’s developer community about everything technology from their preferred technologies to their job preferences, React is the framework developers wished to continue their work with or for those who have not yet started, are looking forward to work with in the future.

Empowerment of the React Native community

React Native currently has a good crop of developers who have helped build the community from strength to strength. Yet, Facebook has some big forthcoming plans to increase the quality of the community and shape its future. 

Facebook in 2018 had gone ahead to create the react-native-releases repository that helps all participants to keep the new releases of React Native in a synergistic way. In the same year, Facebook also had created a storehouse which was devoted exclusively to igniting discussions and proposals that promote a safe environment to all the members. The idea is to induce interesting conversations concerning the main React-Native archives.

Source: Brainhub

Why go for React Native?

So, it is valid at this point in the article to answer this question of yours. 

Go for React native development, but why?

We have some convincing answers to that question:

  • React native development is popular for increasing performance benchmarks. It connects the native components of both iOS and Android platforms and gives out the requisite code.
  • React Native app development also allows developers to reuse the code. Developers can reuse 90% of their native framework.
  • The code reusability also ensures cost-effective solutions for the developers. It also can be used to develop apps for both platforms which is also a good reason to cut on your overall development costs.
  • React app development also helps the developer to build easy to use UI/UX.

While you have understood why React Native should be the answer for all your mobile application, read to find out how much it will cost you to hire a React JS developer from a dynamic organization.

Features of React Native

  1. Code it once and use it everywhere- This is perhaps one of the top reasons to prefer React Native because its codes can be used in cross platforms. 
  2. Simple and easy to learn programming language- It uses JavaScript which is one of the most popular programming languages making it simple and easy to learn.
  3. Focus on UI design- It is focussed on UI design which implies that it is responsive. Its rendering abilities also are by far the best.
  4. Strongest community in terms of cross-platform app development- As we have seen, the community is increasing and with Facebook’s interventions it is bound to touch greater lengths.
  5. Shorter development time- The React Native development time is considerably shorter
  6. Immense support for third party libraries- This is surely a great supporting feature giving the developers a choice.
  7. Node Package manager for installation- This makes the installation easier as developers believe that installation can give them a hard time.
  8. GPU-oriented applications- Most native applications are CPU oriented but React Native is GPU oriented leading to better performances.
  9. Live reload- This feature provides a two-way feature or two screens, one to modify the code and the other to see the modification.

    Popular apps using React Native

    With increasing popularity of React Native, a number of apps are currently available on different platforms that have been created with this technology. From start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, React Native has been the top choice for native mobile app development. 

    Let us see some popular examples of apps that follow the React Native platform.

    1. Facebook ads manager: This is the first holistic React Native cross platform built by Facebook. The framework provides the hold to handle the differences in various ad formats, date formats, time zones and also currencies. The interface is neat, UX is intuitive and the navigation breezy that guarantees a seamless experience to the users. The animations too are immaculate here. As you can see, the interface is clutter-free.

Source: Redbytes

2. Instagram: Instagram app has a simple user interface which meant that adopting a new technology platform was easier for them. But with React Native, the app became easy to maintain on both platforms.

Source: Forbes

3. Bloomberg: Bloomberg is a prominent global finance app that provides global news. Before React Native app development, the company had to splurge a lot of time in first developing and then updating the versions of iOS and Android app. Bloomberg went for React Native app development first as a prototype experiment. It was then convinced and adopted the same for updating the app for cross-platforms.

Source: Bloomberg

4. AirBnB: This is yet another popular app built on React native development. It is said that AirBnB currently has 60 members working on React Native app development on a daily basis in their development team. The development team also prefers it because of its reusable code system architecture which makes it easy to refactor.

Source: Google design

5. Gyroscope: Another popular and revolutionary app is Gyroscope. It has a health kit that enables its users to track their steps, heart rate and also display a spectrum of activities like meditation, weight loss and much more. There are two views in which the user can see the data; one is the Simple mode and the other is a Cards mode. Data tracking alone is not done here, but report generation of daily,weekly and monthly data can be obtained which will be crucial for further action. With React native development, the interface has become a cake walk!

Source: Blog.Gyrosco

6. Myntra: Myntra is the quintessential online mobile app for shopping. It elucidates a perfect display for superior User experience. Mobile app shopping is convenient here thanks to React Native app development. The presentation of catalogues, order placement is pleasing to the eyes. The UI and UX for both Android and iOS is great thanks to React Native development.

7. UberEats: UberEats has gone for React app development mainly for UI and UX. The app required to have a dashboard for different restaurants for different functionalities like sound and push notifications. It already had a team of React Native developers, hence the requirement was easily fulfilled which later churned into a success.

Source: UberEats8

8. Discord: Another great mobile app for avid gamers is Discord that helps chatting within the team while playing the game. 98% of the code is shared between iOS and Android apps which is a great way to show how React Native development is wonderful for cross-platform app development.

Source: Daffodil

9. Discovery VR: A unique VR platform that brings the adventure on an app through Virtual reality or 360 videos. It also has an option of hosting exclusive content from other shows like Shark Week. The UI of the app is coded in React Native which offers a coherent VR experience to its users.

Source: Mettle

10. Townske: This is an exclusive platform which acts as a travel guide. The app connects tourists with the location so that they can get a hold on their favorite place. For the front end the app is already using React Js. The performance then made them reflect which is why they decided to use React Native development for their mobile app as well. Based on this decision, the development picked up speed and deployment became easier.

Source: Mettle

Want to build your mobile apps with React Native? 

Such big names, and we are now sure you have nothing to wonder about anymore. React Native development has some big names attached to it which is why an increasing number of people are associating themselves with it. Businesses will experience a strategic boost with React Native and its superior embedded functions. 

The examples shared above clearly indicate the potential of React app development with any type of content on it. If you have an amazing app idea and are looking forward to building it with React Native Check out more about our React development services.