Learning to use a new framework can be a daunting task.

Laravel too was considered as a modernist and an experimental framework that was considered to be intimidating, but the Laravel framework has literally seized hearts and is dominating the space now!

Laravel is considered as one of the most important web application development tools today. Laravel development implies that your project will get the necessary boost and will be powered by the best features and performance parameters. Hire Laravel developer and they will vouch for its overall efficacy. So, whether your project is loaded or is light, the use of laravel implies better scalability and a complete reliant system that a laravel developer can work on.

What is Laravel?

Taylor Otwell came up with the exceptional executable idea of laravel in 2011. Today, based on its acceptability, it has become one of the most compatible PHP frameworks for software application development and enterprise software development.

Coming to the exact meaning of Laravel, it is a web application that has an expressive syntax so that laravel application development process thoroughly enjoyed by laravel developers. The major responsibility of Laravel is to ease out common tasks used in most of the projects involving enterprise software development like authentication, routing, sessions and also caching.

So, without giving up application functionality, it enables laravel developers to make the development process a happier and a creative one. We all know that PHP is the most widely used framework and over the years the use has only increased exponentially. Several PHP frameworks have emerged but there are only a few that have utilized the full potential of the language. But Laravel has taken giant strides and has emerged as a developer’s favorite chiefly because of its performance, scalability and exclusive features.

Laravel follows the MVC structure or the Model View Controller structure which makes it convenient to learn and quickly prototype the web applications. Laravel is also easily customizable which will help you to create your project structure that is very much in sync with the web application.

It is common knowledge that many industries have started using the intellect of a professional laravel service provider. The infographic given below will split the industry verticals according to the intensity of use.

As is apparent, while shopping and telecom still lag in terms of usage of laravel, businesses, and industries, in general, are quick to adopt it.


Image source: Similartech.com

Top features of Laravel

Laravel framework comprises a huge ecosystem that includes collective features like immediate usability, routing, DB query, templating and much more. A top-notch Laravel development company like Chapter 247 will enlist its best features before you are convinced enough to go for it.


1) Dependency Management:

This is considered one of the best features of laravel which aims at understanding the basic functionality of the service container. IOC or inversion of the service container is the most dependable tool to take charge of class dependencies. To inject dependency implies extracting out hard-coded classes and further administer tools like the composer.

2) Authentication:

For any contemporary web application, authentication is a key ingredient. In other PHP frameworks writing authentication can be a herculean task because it is a time-taking task. With laravel, your skilled laravel developer can offer out of the box authentication by merely running a simplistic command giving rise to a holistic authentication system.

3) Routing:

Routing on laravel is a cakewalk. Any restful applications you want to develop with laravel routing is the easiest. The software development company you have hired for laravel can group routes, apply filters, name them and also strap your data to it. The ever-popular laravel routes can also create effective search engines relatable URLs with absolute mouldability and authority.

4) Modularity:

Modularity is the flexibility with which the components of your web application can be split up or even integrated. Your business logic can be separated into different modules that gel together to ensure that your web application is functional. Laravel itself is a grouping of components and is put to use to make a modular application. With the use of this modular structure, you can easily develop a large scale enterprise software development application.

5) Caching:

To temporarily store your data and retrieve it at your pace and convenience the role of caching comes into play. We all know that the primary function of caching is to elevate the performance of your web application and with laravel, you will see a substantial reduction in processing time, thereby increasing the performance.

6) Debugging:

When laravel was built, it had a built-in testing system aimed at testing applications. With the support of the PHP unit out of the box, testing and debugging are absurdly easy!

7) A robust Template engine:

Laravel has its template engine called Blade which provides helper functions to format data within views. Laravel web development can be done successfully through this sturdy template engine can also create some of the most complex layouts.

8) Security:

Laravel has an instinctual manner of securing web applications. Your laravel service provider will ensure that all the passwords are stored in the manner of hashtags instead of plain text. These passwords are hashable thanks to laravel’s Bcrypt. With this in place, laravel does everything to avoid the infusion of any script tags.

9) Migration system:

So, instead of getting into SQL a laravel developer can use laravel to write a migration to create database structures. With migration, you can create not just databases but also tables and indices. If you happen to amend the column of the table, then you need not go with the process of creating it again, instead, you can do this on an entirely new migration.

10) Envoy:

Another feather in the cap of already loaded laravel, envoy can be used to run the commonest of tasks on remote servers from your application. It will also aid you to prioritize tasks for final positioning.

Why choose laravel for Enterprise web application

If you are a part of a software development company or happen to read a lot about PHP frameworks, you must be aware of the massive upward trend in enterprise web applications. For those who find this term intriguing, Enterprise web application is a huge software system that is created to function in a particular environment.

Take the case of any enterprise application and you will see that it is component-based, customized and also very complex. So, to deal with such complexities we need a framework that will be able to handle all types of complexities. A laravel service provider will go a long way in ensuring the right framework is used to overcome such complexities.

Enterprise software development is a formidable task but with the technical insights of a laravel developer and with business insights of a leading software application development organization like Chapter 247, the transition becomes way easier than you thought!

We bring to you some of the best reasons why you should go for a laravel framework.

Makes coding easier

With the help of the blade template engine, a laravel developer can simplify the codes because it allows the PHP developer to use plain PHP code in the view. It also comes with the addendum of many off the rack widgets which inherently contain JS & CSS codes. Due to this, the complex tasks of enterprise software development becomes easier.


This is surely one of the biggest reasons as to why Laravel is the numero uno choice of laravel developers for enterprise software development. Whatever the requirements of your project are, with laravel comes customization that is its best bet. To top it all, it also comes free of cost! Flexibility is an important feature because the needs and business models of enterprises keep changing.

Modular approach

Laravel framework is extremely easy to use. It also comes with the feature of in-built 20 diverse libraries that are individually marked into singular modules. This feature gives the liberty to laravel developers to create a user-friendly application with the most responsive and modular structure. For heaps of complexities built-in enterprise software development, this feature sure makes it worth it.

MVC architecture

If you already are a PHP laravel developer you must be aware that laravel supports the MVC architecture. For complete transparency between logic and presentation, MVC with its built-in tools and functions can do wonders for laravel development.

Object-oriented libraries

One of the most astounding features that sets laravel apart from other PHP frameworks is that it supports object-oriented libraries. Since there are also pre-installed libraries in the laravel framework, as a PHP laravel developer you do not have to write a separate code and function for the software development application.


To manage dependencies of the software, laravel offers the composer as a tool. The best part about it is that it allows the laravel developers to view composers. This allows the developers to run codes within the same time frame when the view is loaded.

Faster time to market

Every business is looking to gain a competitive edge and apps are increasingly becoming an integral part of a business enterprise. Customers also are looking at a faster result which makes enterprise software development an important functionality. With less in hand and more to do, laravel web development is perhaps the best solution because it has so many built-in features that the time to market is faster as compared to other frameworks.

Dedicated laravel developer community

Unlike many frameworks, laravel has a dedicated community of developers who at regular intervals develop new modules, infuse plug-ins making the framework up to date. Due to the popularity of the framework, the number of laravel developers across the globe is increasing too. So for your software application development, you can rest assured that you will get great assistance from the community in the form of coding.


The Artisan command-line interface is one of the top features of laravel development. This tool allows developers to undertake difficult programming duties with ease. It also supports building database structures along with migrating it successfully. Artisan also helps you build your command and is a blessing in disguise for enterprise software development.

Routing system

Laravel developers can select the route thanks to the productive routing system of laravel. For the enterprise software application development, this features comes handy because it will help define routes for application and its simple and easy both.

Top companies that use Laravel


Slowly making their way into the mind space of people in the online social media platform and website 9GAG. The website lets people upload funny content and memes. More than 150 million users visit this website and with such huge numbers visiting the site, the load is deftly handled by the engineering team of the company that uses Laravel extensively.


Over the years BBC has earned the reputation of broadcasting true events in the most unbiased manner. Keeping in sync with changing times, the BBC also has ventured into web applications across TV production. Their team of laravel developers is increasing because they have also resorted to laravel and other frameworks


One of the largest pharma giants Pfizer featured on number 57 in the Fortune 500 list in 2018. Pfizer has undertaken a host of projects for which it is hugely demanding laravel developers to run these prestigious projects. When corporates like Pfizer are embracing laravel, we are sure we are suggesting something right.


Now, we all have a detailed idea about the how and why of laravel. We understand you now know why laravel is considered as the best framework in the industry. If you are seeking a professional laravel development company, we are just a call away. You can also hire our proficient laravel developers for your project and help us serve you better. Laravel is sure the best choice and with our competent service, you will realize that using laravel for your software application development was the best decision you ever made.