When the internet emerged more than 25 years ago, the pilot websites were similar to a magical land of unicorns and casinos lustrous with scrolling marquee text, flashing lights and bright sparkles.

In the last 25 years the internet has changed extensively, and user attitude has changed even more. Everything from basic product images to be well placed and CTA buttons can influence a visitor’s decision to make a purchase from your ecommerce website. Here I am sharing a few eCommerce store design tips to attract more users for your online store.

1: Promote Great Images

Ecommerce website

A well-composed product image is great for attracting potential users, drive sales and promote your products on social media for a better Sales-output. Also, feature some of your marquee products using interactive photo galleries or sliders, use the homepage photo gallery to highlight key products in a visually appealing way.

Use social media marketing to promote your product and get trust through it.

2: Create Attractive Links

ecommerce website development

According to market analysis you can use clear and attractive linking strategy to encourage this conversion attitude. Your eCommerce website design should nurture visitors along the path to purchase. Provide plenty of opportunities for the visitors to navigate to the shopping cart to product pages Include clickable images, text, buttons throughout your website and many more.

3: Make Shopping Easy


In order to develop the best eCommerce websites you have to work hard to make it as simple as possible so that the visitors can complete the checkout process with ease along with a good User Experience.

While building and managing your eCommerce website, consider following design options:

  • Multiple “Add to Cart” buttons or options for each item.
  • Cart hover capacity when an item is added with a subtotal and quick checkout button.
  • Links to cart in the navigation from each and every product page.
  • Bright colors and clear CTA buttons for adding items to the cart for checkout.

4: Focus on Navigation


Keep navigation choices under 6 among the most important pages and use subpages to organise an eCommerce website with more than 5 pages. You can customize footer navigation with your business plan, also you can link gallery images to a specific page with a gallery element.

5: Think Clean and Organized


You can think of visiting an organized eCommerce website. If your eCommerce store is clean and organized, then users will feel their connection positive to the brand. A disorganized design can intimate users from spending in your store or interacting with your eCommerce website.

Many websites use negative space throughout the website. Space and grid create a visual flow that is comfortable and engaging.