In the early days of computing, procedural languages were all the rage as they represented the sole means of communication with computers. Languages like C were and are still used widely in development today as a throwback to that era. OOPS brought about a change in programming standards and thought as it led to modularised programming and objects were used to represent everything. 

The rise of C++ and Java was the hallmark of this approach. Following up on this philosophy a host of other languages and scripts like Servlets, PHP, C#, ASP, and most notable JavaScript came into being.

Initially envisioned as a tool for UI scripting, JavaScript became very popular and around 70% of all developers today use JavaScript for eCommerce development.

The mutable nature of JS to act as both a front-end language as well as a server-side programming tool lent weight to the argument that Node.js could serve greater purposes than just server-side programming. 

Indeed, Node.js web development for ECommerce has been widely accepted as an industry standard due to the adaption of Node.js development by ECommerce majors like Amazon and eBay.

What is Node.js

Before we delve into why Node.js development is the right way to go for developing your ECommerce website, we must first understand what it actually is.

From its inception as a front-end development script, Node.js development has encompassed a wide array of roles:

  • It has gained use as an open-source server environment as well as an open-source run-time environment for JS.
  • Since it works on an event-driven non-blocking I/O model, it supports both server-side and front-end scripting.
  • It can also be used to perform DB operations as well as collect form data without syntax changes.

Though Node.js has gained much traction as a stable platform for eCommerce portal development, it still faces competition from older tools like PHP which has transformed into successful projects like WordPress, Magento, etc.

However, Node.js still boasts of features that make Node.js web development a go-to option for making simpler, more versatile, faster and scalable.

Here are 5 reasons why Node.js is the best platform to build the ECommerce marketplace of your dreams:

1. Node.js has a relatively up-to-date codebase

Node.js development is relatively new in the market, and the Node.js codebase is comparatively modernized and updated as compared to the others in the field. Node.js based stacks like MEAN or MERN use relatively updated technologies like MongoDB, Express, Angular 2 for MEAN and MongoDB, Express.js, React for MERN.

These encode the latest security measures as well a considerable base library and offers plenty of advantages over legacy stacks like LAMP.

2. Node.js utilizes faster NoSQL databases rather than traditional RDBMS

Most other programming languages are more compatible with traditional RDBMS or relational databases. However, Node.js development offers the unique attribute of using NoSQL databases for its backend. 

Node.js offers support for NoSQL databases like MongoDB and CouchDB and even graph-based databases like Neo4j. It even supports JSON, which eliminates the need for SQL in some cases. This eliminates the need for switching syntaxes for front-end and back-end queries and has the additional benefit of using NoSQL databases which are usually faster than RDBMS.

3.  Node.js boosts system speed with the asynchronous compilation

Not only does Node.js web development produce faster applications than other programming languages due to its use of NoSQL databases, but also because of asynchronous compilation. 

This means that the entire JS program is compiled at once without waiting for lines to be executed in a sequence. It operates as anon-blocking I/O asynchronous language which can execute any line of code irrespective of the execution readiness of the line above it.

4. Node.js makes functional inheritance quick and adaptable

Node.js makes it very easy to implement functional inheritance and bind methods to their instances. Functional inheritance in node.js development gives developers a better performance benchmark and helps avoid redundant method calls.

5. NPM’ s online repository keeps it lightweight yet resourceful

NPM gives node.js development a shot in the arm, by giving instant access to a huge online repository of open source node.js projects. Required resources can be fetched directly from the CLI and it acts as a one-stop solution for package installation, update management, version control, and dependency control.

It enables all node.js development to be as lightweight as possible by allowing code reuse from the repository rather than having to write new code on your own. It also allows node.js developers to update the source code for the components in use by directly downloading the necessary updates from the repository.

A Final Word

Node.js has proven itself to be extremely lightweight and scalable when building JavaScript intensive shopping carts and ECommerce platforms. With the market gearing to more and more option-heavy and function-rich ECommerce platform Node.js development, especially utilizing the MEAN stack, can be very useful in building user-friendly and scalable ECommerce marketplaces.

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