In this hi-tech world, where tools and enhancements are arriving at a rushed pace, programming languages like Javascript are eating the world. And amongst the other excellent technologies that come under Javascript, Node.js is the most thriving one. Node.js offers scalable solutions and fast development, which makes it to gain space as development language. Even huge and popular sites like PayPal, eBay and LinkedIn have their infrastructure based on Node.js. Node.js is basically a server technology that use JavaScript as main language and offer you flexibility to mold your applications according to your needs.

But, are not you wondering why Node.js has become the most sought-after technology for web development. It also sounds like yet another web technology, right?

Well, in a nutshell:
1.It is expeditious:
Node.js utilizes the V8 engine which was originally developed by Google to be used in chrome. This V8 engine enables compiling and execution of Node.js at lightning speed owing to the fact that the compiling in V8 is performed using native machine code. In addition to this, Node.js works on event loop to perform all the Input/Output operations asynchronously. In layman language, reading/writing to the database, network connections and file system execute rapidly in Node.js All the I/O operations in Node.js library accept callback functions and provide asynchronous versions which are non-blocking. This non-blocking function prevents failure of suspension of threads, if in case anyone thread amongst them have failed. Also, non-blocking functions makes Node.js wait-free and lock-free, along with being safe to use in interrupt handler.

2.Smoother development and scalability:
It would not be wrong to say that Node.js has brought digital revolution. When it comes to efficiency, it is a force multiplier. It allows developer to do front-end and backend smoothly with the same team, which eventually results in improved architecture and better internal consistency.
One more exceptional feature of Node.js is its scalability. It brings into practice event-driven and non-blocking I/O model and this make Node.js’s scalability much better than other similar platform.

3.Node.js offer freedom to innovate:
Unlike technologies like Ruby on Rails, Node.js levies only a few set directions on developers and thus put the control in their hands. Node.js offer freedom to build everything as desired and enable developers to design software according to the needs of the client.

4.The Corporate Sponsorships:
Node.js gains its corporate sponsorship from Paypal, Walmart, Microsoft and more. This means that Node.js is not one of those open-source project which boasts risks of abandonment by its volunteer maintainers. Thus, it is for sure that Node.js is going to enjoy a long and active life.

5.Node.js can be used for multiple layers:
Another major benefit of Node.js is the flexibility of language re-use. Languages like ASP.NET, Spring, C#, VB.NET and even advanced technologies like Java, requires developers to have knowledge of other languages as well. All the functions include two languages to write code on the client-side and server-side. On the other hand, while programming using Node.js, developers use only one language to interact across multiple layers.

Apart from these, Node.js also offer hosting benefits and is easy to maintain. In addition to this, Node’s community is second to none. The community is very active and works on the ecosystem every day.

To get Node.js packages or modules, you can use package managers like NPM. NPM is the package manager for Javascript and default package manager of runtime environment of JavaScript i.e. Node.js. NPM constitutes of online database of public and paid-for private packages and command line comments called client. NPM is mainly utilized to manage packages dependencies and can be installed in a single command.

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