2012, the year when China elected its new leader and people were engrossed in the wonders of the London Olympics, three restless, and passionate individuals with a firm goal in their mind, embarked upon to start their new journey. Our co-founders- Mr. Utsav Chawla, Mr. Sourabh Nagar, and Mr. Mayur Motwani began this ride towards the dream of offering technology solutions to individuals and organizations, making them rightly cut out to survive in the competitive corporate world.

founder of chapter247 - young indian entrepreneurs

We are elated to announce that Chapter247 completes 8 years of its glorious journey. Every small step has been worth celebrating.  On this date, Chapter247 has acquired a much-coveted position in the software industry, with a brand powered by technology, and driven by skill. On Chapter247’s successful journey, Mr. Utsav Chawala opines:

“The last 8 years have been a period of growth and learning experience for not just 3 of us but for all the team-members. We went through several permutations, and combinations until we were able to deliver successful tech solutions to our clients. Today, we are indeed proud that all our team efforts have paid off and we have been able to make a huge difference to world corporate affairs”

Mr. Sourabh Nagar, equally excited with the success achieved so far said:

“We have come a long way from 2012 when we were just the three of us juggling between different duties. Today we have designed projects for clients spread across the world, have a great team, worked on hundreds of projects and it is truly overwhelming to see that our efforts have been able to influence more than 800 clients who have benefited from the solutions.”

The journey and its success were accelerated by our client’s belief to stick with us, thanks to our meticulous work planning and agile model of working. Our unique journey has been brick-by-brick progress and has entailed years of channeled efforts. The company founders wholeheartedly believe that there is no hidden route to achieve success. Today the business has proliferated with a 60+ team members and proudly serviced clients in 15 nations.

All these years, Chapter247 has added to its portfolio by providing solutions in several industries including education, healthcare, and E-commerce. Chapter247’s commitment to bestowing world-class software solutions and industry calibrated standards has paved the way for the series of milestones we have achieved. 

Our client’s needs and our team’s efforts are equally important in achieving excellence as the first one challenges us to be the best and the later one has got us there. Chapter247 has always believed in providing great service to the clients but endow the technical and non-technical enthusiasts with a platform to learn, unlearn, and grow.

Mr. Mayur Motwani, co-founder, Chapter247, and a thought leader opines that it is important to have a ‘get-it-done’ approach in your work format. If you can’t give it all, then don’t go for it. In his own words:

“Instead of focusing on the right or wrong, focus on being righteous towards your work, your team, your projects, clients and life per se”

Mr Sourabh Nagar believes that Chapter247 met with resounding success because it is abreast of the latest happenings and upgrades in the technology world. For your value-chain to be progressing and evolving, one has to expand their thought process and embrace the change. It is important to Go-with-the-Flow.

Overall, The company has tuned well with the heartbeat of the market. Chapter247’s endeavors in terms of business growth and partnerships have created ripples in the software industry. The team at Chapter247 is responsible for the success of the organization and can be credited to taking it to new heights.

  • There exists an unimaginable synergy among our team and other valuable resources of the company, that has made it possible today. 
  • The team has contributed to acquiring new clients because of previous good work.
  • The excellent reviews which we have been receiving on different platforms are a result of our workforce giving it their all to ensure the project is successful and reaches a great end. 

Mr. Anand Jain (Project Manager) has been associated with the organization right from its early days has some great things to share:

“I have been a part of the organization for a long time and have also worked previously in other organizations. Never have I come across an organization that has such strong work ethics and culture. All three directors believe in facilitating a transparent system of working which is why we have great employee stability here. Mr. Sourabh has been one of the most hard-working persons I have ever come across. Mr. Utsav Chawla is the founder, yet he is one of the most humble beings I have ever seen. He welcomes new ideas, ready to take different opinions on matters. Mr. Mayur Motwani is a thinker, and with his clear thought process and patience brings different perspectives important for building professional relationships”

Ms.Damini, who coordinates the projects and has been a part of Chapter247 for 6 years now, agrees with Mr. Anand Jain. She also added;

“The organization has given me so much! It has given me an identity and has familiarized me with skill sets that have added to my professional life. One thing is for sure, if you are deserving, you will get opportunities equivalent to your skill set. Not just that, we also get a chance to expand our body of work across different departments, an opportunity not everyone gets. There is so much bonding and the directors are associated with us not just at professional levels but also personally”

We will continue our journey towards innovating the new technologies, delivering its excellence to the corporate, large and small, and lending a hand to achieve professional goals. 

Chapter 247’s 8th-year anniversary celebration is a solemn procession of efforts and dedication of our workforce who have spent their quality time to provide the best services and meet more expectations of the ever-evolving world.