Uttarakhand | Indore ( India )

One of India’s largest hospitals located in Uttarakhand, DMC Haldwani College has partnered with IT Company, Chapter247 Infotech to develop a medical services platform consisting of Blockchain & Web application, according to the IT Company’s association in April 2022. The Hospital wanted to create a centralized inventory management system, where any asset once entered into the hospital and moved into different departments can be tracked.

Chapter247 took into the task of Creation of the Medical College Supply Chain system using Blockchain Technology, wherein the central store can keep record of movement of each supply of assets, according to department wise also, including general items and pharmacy post HODs approval.

On the occasion, Sourabh Nagar , Director Sales at Chapter247 mentioned that, “We, along with our client and the Ministry of Uttarakhand have announced plans to expand their public blockchain pilot program. The pilot project we worked on has delivered good outcomes and we are looking for further expansion hereon”.