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Indian IT firm Chapter247 and Canadian entrepreneurial firm URstore came together to recreate the legacy Marketplace software and upgrade it as per the industry’s requirements and customers’ dynamic buying behavior. “The opportunity was huge, but so were the challenges. We did face some teething issues with this project however, post multiple rounds of discussion within our team and the clients, we derived a seamless flow of plan with high-end delivery propositions”, added Anand Jain, Director of IT, Chapter247.

The Business had multiple challenges such as the way to upgrade the online Marketplace, executing the design addition and management system for Online stores in software, Manual Distribution of commission to all online store owners, and more.

Chapter247 proposed to rewrite legacy Marketplace with upgrades to bring client software back in competition with a prototype followed by an MVP to test the waters. After the success of MVP, a full-fledged online software was planned, designed, and developed and robust software with over 390,000+ stores and 35,000+ users, and 45,000+ orders was created. We worked on multiple modules including; the Affiliate system, Group Orders,  Fundraisers, Bulk orders, Custom product design editors, and much more to deliver market trends to the end-users.

“I have worked with Chapter247 for the past 6+ years now. I have no plans to stop this partnership. It is literally like I have got another member of my team working alongside me. Their team has been invaluable”, shared Howard Lenett, URstore Founder.

Post the completion and launch of the product, URstore witnessed an increase in sales, Increased market share in Canada and US, and better margins with the automation processes.