Chapter247 recently completed 8 years as a Software Development Company, and with every passing year, we have always strived to make our clients happy which is why they rave about us on different platforms. We work tirelessly to keep our clients content with the products and solutions we design for them. The key is to take the extra mile for every project irrespective of its size and value. Over the years we have concentrated our efforts towards accentuating our strengths further and working on newer areas to widen our scope of offerings. 

Recently one of our clients took to Clutch, a B2B ratings and reviews firm based in Washington, D.C., to review us for the online store upgrade we did for its material handling and manufacturing. We were vested with the responsibility to enhance its online store which was previously built by us. That the client chose us again for the upgrade in itself is a huge honor for us.  

As a result of all our efforts to make this project a huge success, the client opted to rate us on Clutch – the venerated platform that helps businesses navigate through business decisions with resources, ratings, data-driven industry trends, and insights. 

How the client rated us

The client gave us perfect scores on different rubrics like Quality, schedule, and cost. The organization selected us because we had earlier created a platform which was successfully implemented. Our familiarity with their system, technical prowess, and our prolific team helped them get back to us for this major upgrade. The online store was built on a PHP platform.

Clutch Review

The client was specifically impressed with our smooth communication systems as we kept the client in the loop for successfully completing the solution-delivery trajectory. We are extremely elated with this review and will continue to deliver quality functions to various business functions. 

About us

Chapter247 is a leading provider of managed IT solutions that enhance Enterprise IT through scalable solutions across different services. We bring good experience in information technology, client service, and global operations by continually combining our strategic thinking with the best in Technology, People, and Process. With a perfect blend of young and experienced IT professionals, the team has a dual-edged advantage of being both dynamic and stable.