UpScore, an Ed-Tech platform that’s built for students preparing for their ACT exams to apply for colleges abroad, came together with Indian IT firm Chapter247 to create it’s Learning Management System(LMS).

“The client wished to launch the LMS platform which has Quizzes and Practice Tests to help students with the preparation for their exams. The intent was to get a competitive advantage in the EdTech exam preparation domain especially for ACT,” shared Anand Jain – Director of IT & Technical Project Manager at Chapter247.

Chapter247 had to ensure the platform was compliant in terms of industry standards and licenses. The LMS would primarily target ACT aspirants and their parents along with ACT domain-specific teachers/mentors such as English Experts, Logical Reasoning Teachers, Aptitude Experts etc. They had to enable multi-media compatibility for live webinars, presentations, webcasts etc along with live chats, live and adaptive mock tests etc.

“Our e-learning development team got to showcase its multi-layer domain expertise along with its updated knowledge of the technology stack. We were able to use our expertise in various programming languages and development frameworks that led to the project’s success.  We completed the project in 40 weeks with 6 experts working on it.”, added Anand.

Delivered by Chapter247, UpScore LMS platform is a full-fledged Education Technology platform that enables online classrooms, access to multimedia resources including video streaming. The platform lets students, organizations, districts, schools, educators and parents enroll in courses or classrooms related to ACT preparations. These users may also access mock tests, live webinars/video streaming, study resources such as assignments, quizzes among other things. The LMS has built-in e-commerce features including payment options.

“By partnering with Team Chapter247, Upscore LMS we were able to launch a full-fledged LMS platform with e-commerce capabilities. The solution delivered helped us get a competitive advantage from the get-go”, said Kyle Mann from Upscore.