The era of instant gratification is here to stay where websites need to interact with the customers and acknowledge certain gestures. This is where chatbots come into play as they speed up the response time, improve predictability, and minimize the perils of continued human interaction. Every marketing team is better off using chatbots that are capable of picking up daily concerns while presenting a more focused approach towards issues.

The Origin of Chatbots; Precisely from a Marketing Perspective

Chatbots are AI-empowered entities that are capable of perceiving human sentiments, depending on the search history and browsing capabilities. While these are potent enough when it comes to tracking emotions and making sentiments, chatbots are best used by companies for spicing up the marketing efforts. With personal assistants like Bixby, Alexa, and Siri constantly turning into inseparable parts of consumers’ digital experiences, even newer startups are working diligently towards incorporating chatbots into the overall scheme of things.

How do Chatbots Work?

Believe it or not, chatbots are instrumental when it comes to transforming business capitalization, marketing trends, and even the online advertising arena: – courtesy to the active conversations they usually have with the users. Precisely a computer program that automates customer interactions via a conversational interface, Chatbots can certainly be considered as the next wave of digital marketing.

How the Platform Integration Looks Like?

When it comes to understanding the functional pathways, Chatbots improve interactions, substantiate responses, understand requests better, and even personalize user requests. Put into perspective simply, chatbots are tools that help automate and simplify the interactions between users and the concerned brand.
Be it customizing a program as the virtual service representative, troubleshooting myriad problems or placing orders on a customer’s behalf— Chatbots are utilitarian entities that have already been adopted by some of the leading global brands. For those who are interested in integrating Chatbots with social platforms, there are four real-time implementations to look at:

  • Highly personalized shopping experience
  • Better understanding and use of customer analytics
  • Simplified purchases
  • Improved customer grievance resolution

Why the growth of Chatbots is Imminent?
Certain marketing trends make us believe that chatbots are here to stay. Firstly, the SMS open rates in 2018 are substantially higher as compared to the email open rates. In addition to that, almost six topmost applications are text-specific with more than 30 trillion messages expected to be sent out by the end of this year. Last but not the least, message retention rates have also improved in 2018; thereby making way for more automated interactions and responses. These are the reasons why majority of startups are swearing by the Chatbots, in order to reach the customers better.
In the subsequent sections, we shall look at the benefits of using Chatbots from a marketing perspective:

  • Improved customer service: -courtesy uncomplicated marketing responses.
  • Improved natural communication as the bots offer steady solutions and right product sets to work with.
  • Better conversion of data into personalized adverts as chatbots are quick enough to identify a person on the basis of previous conversations.
  • Improved shopping potential as the bots are highly assistive in nature.
  • Amplified brand visibility courtesy improved customer satisfaction levels.

Are there Any Adoption Issues?
Although Chatbots have a lot of great things to offer, we need to be wary of the loopholes associated with their continued adoption.

  • Imminent Privacy Breach is a major hindrance as Chatbots leverage massive quantities of highly confidential and personal information.
  • Apart from security threats, extensive implementation of Chatbots can often negatively impact the backend development cycle and even the legal compliance.
  • Although a Bot works as an efficient program, it might not be able to represent the concerned brand on an emotional level: -courtesy to its underdeveloped AI. A brand’s voice can definitely be mirrored but mostly with fumbles.

How Chapter247 is Revolutionizing the Implementation of Chatbots?
Put into perspective simply, Chapter247 aims at addressing the elephant in the room i.e. the issue of underdeveloped AI. This company mirrors the image of a brand in a highly interlaced manner which eventually eliminates the existing loopholes. In a nutshell, Chapter247 implements high quality Bots, improves the extent of automation and even amplifies the customer support system synonymous to the social platforms.

Although chatbots have evolved into exceptional marketing tools, there are certain apprehensions surrounding their global adoption courtesy privacy and security concerns. However, startups and SMEs are increasingly opting for this marketing strategy for staying ahead of their contemporaries. In a nutshell, the entire concept of chatbots feels more like a distant novelty despite the fact that they have untapped marketing potential to work with.