Along with the other challenges that business faces while working on a software development projects, making a right choice between software development company and freelance software developer is the major one. No doubt, the right choice between the two options depend on the requirements of the project, time frame, quality and budget and there is no one-size-fits-all answer for this. However, considering below-mentioned points can help you make a right choice for your software development project.

Expertise is the key point, required essentially for software development project. A software development company boasts a number of developers, with varying skills and expertise, whereas a self-employed software developer would be proficient only in specific technologies and possess a limited skill set. Developers working with a development company would have already been gone through essential testing and vetted capable of handling your project. Also, software development company might also employ SEO experts, online marketing specialists and UI/UX developers, who can provide potential solutions, along with offering flawless services for custom application development. In a nutshell, a development company possess manpower you require, which could not be obtained from a solo freelancer.

2.Planning, Management and Testing:
A dedicated software development have project managers and a team for testing too. They make sure that project is completed in a stipulated timeframe and functional without errors. Project managers at software development company’s behest, remain in constant communication with client to understand the needs and expectations and get the requirements, thereby allowing developers to dedicate their time to coding and focusing on delivering the best software. While, on the other hand, freelancers often lack in planning and testing. Moreover, most of the freelancers do not aim to gain returning clients, which is why they do not give importance to project planning and testing.

3.Working on New Technologies:
A dedicated software development company always remain updated with the latest trends and technologies to deliver the most advanced software to the clients. They always hire developers who excel in in-demand and trending programming languages, IT paradigm like cloud computing, which enable them to deliver avant-garde software solutions. In comparison to this, a solo freelancer generally mostly do not have sufficient time to pace up with the technologies and programming languages which are in-demand.

4.Consistent Support:
Hiring a dedicated software development company means getting consistent support and assistance. Whether it is about developing new projects or maintaining the current one, a dedicated team of software developers can assist you with everything. While, on the other hand, a freelance software developer often disappear after completing a project and you again have to look for another professional to help you fix the bug, do regular updates and add a new functionality.
Although, it is quite expensive to hire a software development company than a solo freelancer. However, if you desire for quality, consistent support, along with the other benefits mentioned-above, then opting for a dedicated software company is a wiser choice.
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