New joinees in the workforce are like a shot in the arm for any company. They bring skills, experience, and expertise to boost your company’s growth. Many companies choose to partner with a reputed staff augmentation company to reduce the stress that comes with processing potential employees, as the staff augmentation company does that for you. 

This leads to your company focussing solely on its business objectives while the IT staff augmentation services are handled by the staff augmentation partner.

When choosing a company for your IT staff augmentation, it is best to consider the following:

1. Resource Requirements

While the market is choc-a-bloc with all sorts of staff augmentation firms, it is better to partner with companies who specialize in hiring for roles that your business needs.

Specialization in staff augmentation for niche roles helps these companies to better understand your requirements and to select people who are the best for both the role as well as the organization.

If you are looking for people with technical expertise in the field of IT and software engineering, it may be wise to look for staff augmentation partners who have a stellar track record and experience in this field.

2. Hiring Techniques

The ideal staff augmentation partner should be able to bolster your current hiring efforts and strive to improve upon it. A key requirement while choosing an IT staff augmentation services partner is to know whether they have access to better, recruiting channels and resources than your existing operation.  

It is also beneficial to have a staff augmentation partner who goes above and beyond expectations while scouting for potential candidates and try to find the best fit for your requirements even outside their active pool.

3. Knowledge of the market

Changes in industry trends and newfound challenges while hiring for new skill-sets are part and parcel of the IT industry. However, a truly resourceful staff augmentation company is usually able to keep on top of these changes and stay ahead of the curve when finding the right candidates for your venture.

If you find that your existing staff augmentation partner is slow to adapt to changing industry trends and is not up to date with the latest tech in the industry, then it might be wise to shift to someone with a better portfolio.

Companies with a finger on the pulse of the industry are usually able to anticipate new trends and tech and are always on the lookout for people who are in-line with the same. This ensures that their hires are not rooted in the past and can help your business grow and prosper.

4. Transparency

The primary requirement for a strong relationship between you and your staff augmentation partner is founded on clear communication and absolute transparency. It means that the staffing company must be able to provide you with well-defined documentation on what its exact role is, and the transparent break-down of costs. 

They must also be able to reply to your queries in such a way that they clear your doubts on a high-level with minimal knowledge of existing hiring processes. This helps engender trust and set realistic expectations.

5.  Add-on services

Every staff augmentation services provider has a specific set of value-add services that they provide as an add-on or as part of the standard package. These services may include providing specialized training to recruits processed or conducting skills testing prior to onboarding. 

It is important to check for these services to maximize the benefit your company gets from the staff augmentation partner.

Chapter 247 Infotech provides round-the-clock support and fully verified specialist for your every business need.

A final word

Chapter 247 Infotech, is a custom software development company with more than 6 years of experience in creating bespoke software to suit customer needs. 

We have a diverse talent pool of more than 50 highly skilled professionals including business analysts, project managers, software engineers, web designers, UX consultants and community managers who have delivered over 800 projects over the last 6 years. 

With the clients across 15 countries, and offices in both India and the US, we are ideally suited to offer IT staff augmentation services across a wide range of domains including E-commerce, Healthcare and Edu-Tech. 

We provide full time, part-time and hourly IT staff augmentation services for your specific business needs in technologies like PHP development, Laravel development, CodeIgniter development, Angular, React and Node JS development, and MEAN, MERN, and LAMP stack development to name a few.

Contact us for specialized staff augmentation services to suit your business needs and see your venture go from strength to strength.