Let’s Understand Cloud Computing in Healthcare

Healthcare sector is on the edge of the biggest transformation ever. Technology in healthcare is giving the industry all new dimensions that can change its course for the good and in a quick period of time. Cloud computing in the medical field is the ongoing revolution as it is making the data storage and processing automated, quick and effective than ever. It has the potential to address most of the problems that trouble the healthcare segment. However, it is at the initial stage but on the right track and is progressing at the better speed. The medical facilities, who are adopting the cloud technology, can experience the positive differences in many departments and are also getting handy with the latest technology.

Cloud Computing in Healthcare

In order to understand how Healthcare Cloud Computing can help the industry, we should look at painful areas of the industry.

  • Uncertainty of Records
    The healthcare industry deals with data of varied types and hence, it is crucial to have its proper segregation for better access. Most of such facilities do not have the technology that can address this problem. Healthcare cloud helps in ideal maintenance and storage of data which helps the facilities in dealing with it easily and appropriately.
    Cloud Computing in Healthcare
  • Lame Speed
    The healthcare providers, who are dealing with age old Cloud Computing in Healthcare technology, often faces the speed issues as such system are not capable of processing a huge amount of data. As the data keeps on building, the pace keeps on decreasing. This eventually results in data loss or its destruction. Healthcare cloud computing is known for its speed and data accuracy. They process the data quite faster consistently without any down-time. Cloud Computing in Healthcare
  • Flaws in Data Transfer
    The hospitals chain mainly faces this issue. They often require sending the data to other hospital located at some different locations. Now, if the data is bulky, then it may take a lot of time which is risky for the medical facilities dealing with hazardous disorders on daily basis. Cloud computing providers keep the data at one central place. The group using Cloud Computing in Healthcare technology can access the data at the same from the central data centre.
    Cloud Computing in Healthcare
  • Inventory Issues
    It is quite crucial for the medical facilities to keep the inventory up-to-date. However, in the multi-specialties and big hospitals, where such data is in bulk, often miss the track which results in unavailability of medical equipment and medicines at crucial time. If cloud computing and healthcare go hand in hand, such issue may never arise because Cloud Computing in Healthcare can handle such vital data appropriately.
    Cloud Computing in Healthcare

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    Key Benefits of Cloud Computing

    If we look at the bigger picture of Cloud Computing in Healthcare, it can offer benefits to almost every aspect of the business. The success of the cloud solutions also depends upon the way it is deployed. The wider medical industry think, the better help they can get from cloud.

    Cloud Computing in Healthcare

  • Best for emergency Situations
    In emergency situations like – long traffic jams, floods or other natural calamities, where emergency services are required, and specialists Doctors could not reach. Cloud computing in healthcare technology can transmit the information through cloud systems to the attendant available there and give them the instructions about how to treat the injured or ailing individuals.
  • To Achieve Perfection
    In the big hospitals, they store huge amount of data which need to be processed well, so that new doctors or practitioners can learn from the same and can implement the already proven theory without wasting time. This helps in getting started with the treatment quickly and in making timely decisions. The health cloud has the capacity to process such big data and can present in required form whenever required.
  • Safe and Secure
    The health care facilities deal with death and life on daily basis. They cannot afford to miss any data or its misuse. The healthcare SaaS make sure all the crucial data remain safe and available for use. Also, it has the capacity to hold big data sets and process it quickly.
  • Research
    The doctors and medical professionals do a lot of research on their work, so that they can get better every day. The store the crucial information about surgeries and treatment. Based on the information stored, they can research well on different things and can set them as a case study for future doctors. Thesis could also be made from such data. Further, big data analysis can even help in better segregation of data for appropriate use.
  • Supply Chain Maintenance
    The data of medical equipment, medications and pills are huge and need to be managed well. At the time of storage, the date must contain all the columns, like – expiry date, buy date, purchased from etc. This data can be stored in cloud and can be retrieved whenever require. Additionally, it updates the Cloud Computing in Healthcare facilities about the equipment and medications coming closer to their expiry and about the ones that are running short and require immediate refill.
  • Patients History
    Most of the patients lose their medical reports and history, but it is quite crucial for the medical facilities to keep their record safe and available. Cloud computing in medical field can take care of this issue by keeping the patient’s record at centre space from where it can be easily retrieved at any instance of time.
  • Smart Treatment
    Healthcare cloud system is advancing and playing a crucial part in bringing the smart treatment to the desk. Based on the data, including – patient’s disorders and treatment offered, healthcare providers are offering SaaS based solution which interprets the data wisely. So, whenever a patient comes in the hospitals, the doctors can feed his condition in the healthcare cloud system and can get the ideal treatment process in no-time which is tried and tested too. Cost cutting, better management and timely attention to each detail are some of the other examples of Cloud Computing in Healthcare.
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