Businesses require a good team that can efficiently deliver high-end services to the customers. A good team of developers make sure the software delivered it robust and high performing, by leveraging the advanced technologies. 

Hiring the best talent is undoubtedly a tough task but retaining it is a challenge. Large companies take advantage of their brand name and work culture, absorbs almost 80% of the best talent available in the market with leaving almost no chances for small and mid-sized companies to hire a competent developer. 

If you are an HR of a company and looking to hire a ReactJS developer for your organization, be ready to go the extra mile.

Why Hiring React JS developer is difficult?

No matter what solution you are looking to build – a mobile, web or maybe a desktop app ReactJS development offers you immense possibilities to get your work done in a more simpler way than any other programming language. 

Features like flexibility, easy-to-use UI, code reusability across platforms makes it a popular and widely used language among programmers. 

But, does the popularity of React JS make it easier for you to hire React developers

Well, finding them may be an easy task but hiring them is not that simple. Working with people is proven to be one of the most painful tasks among all job profiles. Deep down in this article, we will see which places to target for finding React Developers and a step-by-step process to hire them. 

Which places to look for React Developers?

I believe that following this tip can make your life easier, it’s so simple, go to the place and pick the one who matches your needs and fits into your budget. There are plenty of Job portals available where you can post your requirements and can get in touch with your favorite one. Let’s see the choices that you have:

Choice #1- Social Media/Social Networking sites

Social Networking sites helps you to connect with people across the world. There are different social media platforms designed for a specific task while the common aim is the same for all i.e., interaction, communication and thought sharing. 

LinkedIn is solely designed to hire talented professionals for your company, no matter whether in-house or remote. It comes first in the category of professional social networking sites, so if you are hunting for talented professionals for your company this would be your first-come place. 

To find the best talent nearby, just enter the Keyword “ReactJS developer” in the search line and mark filters on location, language, preferred industry, etc. to get the desired outcomes.

Facebook, one of the most widely used social networking websites for making friends, sharing photos and much more can also be used to hunt talent 🙂 Let’s not forget, it is only the facebook team that has developed React Framework. There is a ReactJS developers community available at Facebook with more than 3,000 followers wherein you can post your requirement and find the right candidate for your brand.

Choice #2 – Job Portals

Apart from the immense benefits of using social media, nothing can beat job portals in hiring the best match for your company. You can either post the position with the job description and specifications and let the candidate contact you regarding the opening or you yourself can filter out the resumes through pre-defined criteria and requirements. 

This is all that you can do to connect to a good candidate that may be a perfect fit for your company.

The Hiring Zone: How to check who fits the best in your organization culture?

1. Look at their expertise and portfolio: Conduct research, pen down their previously worked projects and analyze if the nature of their work is beneficial for your company. Try to find out their expertise in your area of operation so that they can deliver when any requirement comes in. Ask them for some reference work on Github. This would help you gauge the scale of work they are proficient in. 

Also, check whether they are an active member of any ReactJS developers community or not? This would help you get an idea of the credibility that the prospective candidate holds.

2. The interview: If the candidate fits in the above criteria, call him for an interview. You can hold the interview on skype or on any other convenient video messenger. During the interview process ask more technical questions related to development in ReactJS and what he has done so far. You can also give them a test task with a defined period of time to judge their capability. 

If you think that they will be a perfect fit for your organization than offer them a good salary straight away and don’t let them go. 


If you are looking to work with a partner always go for a company that has years of experience in working on ReactJS Development. 

Your partner who is specialized in React JS UI/UX development, website development, and customized application development services can help you in increasing ROI and managing daily workflows easily. You can also hire ReactJS developers to accelerate growth, cutting on costs and achieve goals in smaller time to achieve better business goals.