Businesses are trying to amaze the customers by offering high end user experience with Interactive UI and applications that are loaded with features to add an edge over the market competition as everyone is opting the digital route. This made ReactJS Development as the most sought after service that the businesses are seeking to top up their digital transformation. 

While the ReactJS Development has a lot in store to offer with the high-end Web Application Development, it mostly depends on the expertise of the ReactJS Developer who can leverage these in the best possible way. Thus, hiring a good ReactJS Developer with a significant amount of experience is essential to make the web application a great success that amazes the customers.

But since it takes a lot of diligent decision making to come up with the right resources that could build a great web application, it is important to acknowledge other aspects like payouts which play an important role in making hiring related decisions, as they decide the overall cost of the project.

If you are new to ReactJS Development and do not have an idea how much you it would cost to hire a ReactJS Developer, then here’s a cheat sheet that gives you a complete insight of the payout range for hiring ReactJS Developer for your project.

A lot depends on the nature of work required to be done, be it building a solid front-end for your web application, using server-side rendering (SSR) to boost the initial page loads for a faster turnaround, or building a solid interactive UI that offers high end user experience, ReactJS developer’s expertise plays a major role. 

As per Upwork, the popular freelance hiring platform, the rates of ReactJS developers vary from $15 to $150 an hour, while the fixed price contracts could vary depending upon the duration and the scope of the project.

Based on the expertise and experience here’s how the ReactJS Developers charge Average Hourly rate:

Type of ReactJS Developer Scope and Expertise Average Hourly Rate
Basic Front End  Front End fundamentals which includes HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and knowledge of libraries like ReactJS/Redux, and React Native for mobile $15-50+
Intermediate to Advanced Front End In addition to the fundamentals mentioned above, also well versed in other front-end JavaScript frameworks such as AngularJS, CSS preprocessors such as LESS/SASS, and CSS frameworks such as Foundation $35-100+
Basic Back End Back End fundamentals which includes RESTful APIs, NodeJS, ExpressJS, and Lambda functions, while Databases such as MySQL $15-50+
Intermediate to Advanced Back End In addition to the fundamentals mentioned above, also well versed in other back-end server environement such as AWS (Amazon Web Services), and back-end frameworks based on JavaScript such as MeteorJS $35-100+
Full Stack Developer Mix of both Front End and Back End technology, along with the expertise in MERN Stack Development (MongoDB, Express, ReactJS, NodeJS) $30-100+

Source: Upwork

Across all the experience levels and expertise areas, here’s the average hourly rate distribution of ReactJS developers across the world.

How much does it cost to hire a ReactJS Developer?


The next step

Based on the above data, you can easily gauge how much it costs to hire a ReactJS Developer for your next project, but what remains another important aspect apart from the budget of the project, is the reputation of the ReactJS Developer that you are hiring.

If you are looking for individual freelance ReactJS Developers, then check out their reviews and portfolio on freelance hiring platforms like Upwork, while on the other hand if you decide to hire a ReactJS Development Company then it is always a good idea to look for customer reviews on software development company review platforms like Clutch and Good Firms for a better idea about their nature of work and expertise before you hire.