Coming up with a new idea is a task, but finding the right partner for your custom application development, who will support you in achieving that task is truly a challenge. Isn’t it? To whom you will choose then? 

Everything that happens to us starts with a choice. The right choice at the right time can take us up to the heights and the wrong choice can bring us down, but remember to think upon a few points before selecting a partner for your custom application development. 

  1. Think upon your utmost priority.
  2. Give thought to your short and long term goals related to your product development.
  3. How much budget you have allocated for your product development?
  4. Are you ready to compromise with the quality of the product or security of your business, if in case you haven’t got the right partner in the allocated budget?

If you have the answer to all the above questions then you are ready to choose a digital partner that can help you to bring your idea into life. 

The aim of this article is to bring you in light about the true cost product partner faces when creating a custom digital product, I will also take you behind the scenes so that you can yourself estimate the true cost of building a digital product and understand how complex things are in reality and how simple we see them. 

Let’s have a look at the number of options available in order to make a choice:

  1. You can hire an independently working individual or multiple freelancers for your product development.
  2. You can develop an in-house team to build a digital product for your company.
  3. The last and the best one is to go to the market and hire the right custom software development company that has got expertise in building and creating high-quality digital products.

Who Costs how much?

  1. If you choose to go for a team of freelancers, no doubt this would be the cheapest way to develop your product keeping your business security at risk. Also, managing people from different parts of the country and taking everyone on the same page at the same time is a very difficult task. A team of highly enthusiastic and self-motivated freelance developers can help you to reach the heights with a low budget and some risk but the choice of a wrong freelancer can destroy your dreams overnight.
    How much should you pay for digital product development? How much should you pay for digital product development?


So if a freelancer will work for you for 15 hours, the total amount to be paid is 15hr*$61 = $915

  1. If you opt to develop an in-house team, do you think that it will be going to benefit you either way around? Well obviously NO, if you are planning to build a team for a digital product development which is entirely different work that your company is into is not more than a fool’s task. I am mentioning two major cons of not building a team of your own.
  2. You cannot be able to focus on your core business as more time is required to build a dev team and monitor them during the whole product development cycle.
  3. Additional costs are included if you are looking to hire full-time employees, the cost is factored as:
    How much should you pay for digital product development?


Even after your complete product development, you have to retain your employees and pay them even if there is no work. 

  1. The best and most secure way to develop your product is to give it in the hands of a product development specialist. Isn’t it? When you need to create change, you need great thinkers, problem-solvers, team workers who can easily understand your challenges and these things can only be gained while working with a company and is not possible for a sole developer. 


Thanks to companies in the market who has such expert hands to solve our needs. When you are expecting quality work with minimum risk and timely delivery, they had proven them best among all of the above. 

Also, all the additional costs, including employee benefits and infrastructure costs are born by your business partner. You just need to sit, relax and wait for the product to get ready and deliver it to you. 

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