In our previous blog on Staff Augmentation we talked about what benefits Staff Augmentation can bring on desk for the companies, in this blog post, we talk about how this service can create a massive drop in cost while surging your month-on-month profits.

Here are some ways in which you can reduce costs for your company by choosing a remote augmented team.

Recruitment costs and hassles involved

We all know that there are plenty of costs involved with each step of recruitment. Starting right from the job posting ad creation cost to the advertising and publishing costs involved in the job listings, identification of the software that helps in recruiting, salary of the recruitment team, selection team, psychometric tests etc. and then final hiring. Putting the exact figure on paper is again a tough job as there are various hidden costs involved too. However, with IT staff augmentation, you can not just bridge the skill gap in your company at a short notice, but also get the customised profiles from a reliable, third-party service provider.

Cost and time involved in training & acquiring skills

Usually, the augmented teams provided by the third-party service providers are hired by other companies’ basis of their skills and expertise. These remote employees are not required to go through any extensive training programs, but just a minor virtual onboarding to make them well aware of the organisation is enough. The resources are strong and would not require any technical training cost plus as the onboarding can be done virtually there is further no travel cost and no additional equipment making it almost zero internal onboarding process. This way IT staff augmentation can not just be a cost saver, but a time saver too.

Operations can be continued within limited budgets

Businesses always have an emergency contingency plan that helps them to continue with their operations during a seasonal change or an uncontrollable slow down. Post the COVID 19 pandemic, companies have learnt that it is possible to work with remote employees and also cut unnecessary costs wherever possible. With augmented teams in place, companies do not have to shell out mass amounts on the office set-up, rents, insurance, and other day to day operational expenses. In fact, all these costs get virtually distributed or simply eradicated, with the promise of high service delivery with augmented resources.

Hiring the right resources

Do you know that with Staff Augmentation, you always have a remote working strategy in place which can give you plentiful options to select the perfect candidate? Yes. With Staff Augmentation, you can expand your talent pool across the globe and distance here being no problem anymore. With a bigger talent pool, there is greater productivity and no dearth of innovative thinking. Hence, while hiring through a staff augmentation agency, the chances of getting the right team exponentially goes up.

Huge savings on monthly expenses

The maintenance of an office space is an expensive exercise. With a full-fledged office building, the rent can easily shoot up to thousands of dollars. Apart from rent, other essentials like furniture, office equipment, stationary, maintenance charges, utilities, electricity, parking facilities, security etc.  – the list will never end and burns a huge hole in the pocket when we have staff working in it. However, with Staff Augmentation, companies can save on the overheads every month. Moreover, they can even create the BYOD (Bring Your Own Devices) scenario where the employees use their own devices for work. If required, they can be given basic allowances like internet charges, mobile phones, sim cards and a reimbursement policy.

Savings on travel expenses

Various businesses provide travel allowance to its employees. Every month, the amount multiplies with the daily commuting to and fro with multiple employees claiming the same. A smart way to save yourself from this cost is to limit or eradicate their commute to work and define a WFH strategy. With Staff Augmentation, the resources majorly work remotely and are well equipped in their mode of coordination with the higher authorities for a smooth delivery of work without the hassle of transfers.


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