Staff augmentation is a process of outsourcing the work to a third party. It is an effective way to manage the workload and increase productivity. Companies function best when they have no dearth of talents working on their projects. They can onboard resources or simply multiply their work force at a cost effective process of staff augmentation.

The right staffing partner can help you in many ways. They can provide you with skilled resources, help you with your HR needs, and also provide you with the best possible rates for your budget. Now, there are various augmentation agencies who are functioning round the clock to deliver the best to their clients, but the key question which arises is, how to choose one? Well, in this blog post we talk about the 7 must study steps to pick up before finalizing on the augment staffing agency. Read on:

IT staff augmentation

1. Assess the Staffing requirements 

The first step is to understand the areas of support your firm requires. What does the team need help with? Are you looking for an outside engineering or a creative expertise, as there are multiple options available when it comes to building a distributed team. Once we have created a staffing blueprint which covers the firm’s most essential outsourcing requirements, we can then begin your search for a staffing partner which has all the tools, high experience, and strong expertise to help the business stay ahead of the competition by delivering the best of the project as per the requirement.

2. Research Your Staffing Partner’s Experience and Expertise

Background verification and check of potential IT outsourcing services is required to evaluate their experience and expertise in the particular field. One should review and substantiate the vendor’s work history and professional credentials by some easy ways like consulting with their previous clients and studying their satisfaction level with the services undertaken.Carefully analyzing the augmentation agency’s credentials and looking into the work portfolio. Making sure that the vendor hails with experience in the specific field which covers all the resources which are needed. Referral check with colleagues & industry  professionals to get the general idea of the potential staffing provider. Last could be reading online reviews and testimonials about the vendor on the staffing firm’s website and other third-party review websites such as Clutch or Glassdoor.

3. Evaluate Your Provider’s Local and International Market Reach

There might be certain staffing requirements, which may include variations of both onshore or offshore staffing plans, or in some requirements, a hybrid staffing approach. The engineering or creative departments are often searching for rare combinations of skill sets to deal with the algorithmic complexity conducted inside a specific framework, or look out for consultants who possess in-depth expertise of an emerging programming language. To reach out to such top-notch creative and technical personnel around the world who even fit in the budget, it is good to partner with a IT staff augmentation vendor who has rich connections, high experience and an advanced infrastructure in place to recruit, hire and manage remote staff, irrespective of their location as per the project requirements.

4. Examine Your Staffing Service’s Communication Protocols

While scouting for the staffing partner, it is essential to see how potential partners structure their account communications, and how does their general communication style looks like. These essential factors determine the success of the project, influence the product’s market competitiveness, and can even affect its delivery date. Hence it is advisable to look for a staff augmentation agency which follows a simple, yet clearly defined communication set of rules and technology which will help to keep both the client and the service provider feasibly connected and continually receive project updates, irrespective of their geographical boundaries or time zones.

5. Assess Contract Types and Delivery Schedules

There are various staffing partners which only offer some boilerplate work agreements or a template based one-size-fits-all contract. This could be a cue they lack the essential resources or experience to effectively handle the project or provide the resource specific staffs which would help in the success of the project. It is hence advisable to engage with a staff augmentation firm which will tailor the work agreements to fit in the company’s exact business needs, while also understanding the firm’s development environment and ensuring that the firm has all the access to the outstanding technical talent especially when it is most required.

6. Pay Attention to Language and Cultural Differences

There are businesses working with a remote development team and are open to various cultural and language differences. While working, they will need to ensure that there is a seamless cultural and language fit between both the in-house team members and the project key managers with the outsourced talent or software engineers hailing from different cultural backgrounds. In order to circumvent linguistic communication barriers, link cultural divides, and maintain the project’s success, it is good to partner with a staffing agency which can assess company internal culture, & map the appropriate job candidates and staffing solutions.

7. Choose a Staff Augmentation Service Right for You

Last, at the end of the day, the most important point is that the team needs to humbly cooperate with the staffing partner which fits as per your company’s specific resource requirements. There are vendors who employ a one-size-fits-all approach, and during work deliveries, they are unable to implement the required creativity and flexible staffing solutions. Simply by assessing the company’s resource requirements, doing a thorough research of a potential vendor’s expertise and deeply investigating the outsourcing agency’s global reach, their communication processes, security standards, contract formalities and cultural management style, one can find the IT outsourcing company which will perfectly fit the company’s outsourcing needs.

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