What is Remarketing?

In Digital Marketing the term Remarketing is also known as Retargeting, it allows to show unique ads to people who have visited your website or previous customers who you want to engage with your website again.

Creating Your Remarketing List-

If you are setting up a remarketing campaign for the first time then the foremost approach is to create your remarketing campaign which is to create a list for all those people have visited your website, or just the people who visited your pricing page and define how your audience will be added to it. Also you need to follow the Policy for advertising based on interests and location.

Let’s walk you through the Process of Creating your Remarketing Campaign:

  1. Sign In to AdWords.
  2. Click Campaigns.
  3. Click +Campaign and select “Display Network only”.
  4. Create a new “Display Network Only” campaign and make sure it’s type is either “Remarketing” or “All features.”
  5. Create at least a campaign name, ad group, bid strategy and budget.
  6. Click Set up remarketing to begin the 2-step process for creating your remarketing tag and lists.
  7. Click Return to campaign.
  8. Click Save and continue.
  9. On the Remarketing lists tab, you’ll find the “All visitors” list added to your ad group.
  10. Click Save and continue.

To increase the range of adjustment where your ads may display, add both text and image ads in as many ad sizes as possible.