Once in a while, there comes a combination in application development that becomes so powerful that it becomes so popular among the developer community. As of now, such a combination is Laravel and Vue.JS – two of the most recognizable web development frameworks.

So why does integrating Laravel and Vue.JS yield such stunning results? Let us find out.

What is Vue.JS?

Vue is a progressive framework that’s largely used for building user interfaces. Vue has a core library that has scalable elements and it integrates really well with other JavaScript libraries. It is widely used for prototyping. While Vue alone is independent enough to build single page and sophisticated applications, integrating it with other platforms is relatively easy too. The Stack Overflow 2020 survey stated that 66% of developers loved Vue JS.

Another major advantage for developers offering Vue.JS development services is the framework provides comprehensive documentation. This makes their lives much easier since the documentation is comprehensible, as long as the developers are well-versed with JavaScript of HTML. This framework also shares common principles with Angular and React, so new programmers get comfortable with it soon too. One can write Vue.JS templates in HTML or JavaScript files.

What is Laravel?

Laravel is a progressive PHP framework that was launched in 2011. Laravel facilitated Model-View-Controller (MVC) principles for creating an open-source framework that is now accessible for designers and developers. As a result, Laravel simplifies the entire development process without ever compromising on performance.

Laravel is also flexible, has ease of use, and performs well at scale. This is possibly why it is one of the fastest-growing frameworks today. As many as 51.4% of developers in the Stack Overflow 2020 survey said they loved Laravel for its qualities.

Laravel and Vue: The power couple that builds scalable web apps

Laravel PHP framework is also very cost-effective because it separates model, controller, and view thus demarcating presentation code and business logic code. Developers and designers, therefore, are easily able to streamline bug-fixing and iterations without allocating any additional resources. Famous companies such as BBC, 9GAG or Pfizer use Laravel in their projects. Laravel provides a simpler authorization functionality for logic organization purposes. Developers also prefer Laravel web development because the framework automatically handles threats such as cross-site scripting or SQL injection in the process of development.

Why must your next web application be built on Laravel+Vue.JS?

#Frontend is important on the Internet

Thanks to JavaScript, users never have to reload the page again because everything now happens on the front-end. Today applications on the Internet are events-driven. That means they are built in such a way that users don’t feel they are using the Internet but as if they are just switching from one application installed on their computer to another.

Vue allows developers to build a full-scale events-driven application that has all the activity handled on the frontend itself. Its composable elements allow for more flexibility of use. Since Vue gels well with Laravel, developers just need to make a few trips to request data from their Laravel application and simply make UI changes by switching the components without reloading the page.

# Efficient handling of updates

During the web application development process, as the application scales, the data volume starts to consume more resources with each update. With each incremental load, the web performance starts to get affected. As a result, the page begins to show lags instead of instantly responding to updates. While this is very common with other JavaScript libraries, it doesn’t happen with Vue.JS because of its virtual DOM. The best result of this feature is whenever an update is launched, it updates only the data that needs a change without affecting the application’s performance. When combined with data flow management tools such as Redux and Flux, Vue.JS becomes powerful along with Laravel and makes for a smoother front-end development.

# Ideal for single-page application development

Single-page applications load faster and are especially efficient in situations where users may face low bandwidth. Both Vue JS and Laravel are ideal for supporting and developing single-page applications.

# Faster learning curve

Developers who are well-versed with Angular JS, React JS, Vanilla, jQuery, JavaScript, HTML or any other language that binds data, will find it very easy to get comfortable with Vue.JS. Since this framework works more on abstractions than plain JavaScript, it is relatively easy to execute internal coding. Vue integrates comfortably with Laravel which is another easy to learn framework and this combination works wonders for application development.

Final thoughts

When Vue.JS and Laravel are combined, they augment the efficiency of the web application right from the development process to page-load speeds. The development team always has comprehensive documentation available for getting the process started and a rich enough library of modules for performing common tasks. Applications built on these two perform better because both are meant for front-end development.

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Laravel and Vue: Why web apps built on these frameworks perform well?