Life of an Intern at Chapter247 Infotech

First few days in an IT industry

Woooahh!! Was my expression when I was selected as the Campus Recruitment Drive by “Chapter247 Infotech” an offshore software development company in Indore, India working and collaborating with clients with Global and International reach.

Yes, I was amongst those couple of fortunate ones who found the opportunity to investigate a radically new world on an absolutely new stage, in one of the Best and Quickest Developing IT Organizations in Central India. where they have a various department like web app department, mobile app development, blockchain department, IoT department, and Cloud Department as well. I was chosen as a Junior MERN Stack Developer in Web App Department. The well-mannered communication with the Organization’s HR and Recruiters made me feel significantly more eager to join the organization and I literally couldn’t wait to join the company and started counting days.

Life of an Intern at Chapter247 Infotech

And Finally, the day arrived when I needed to leave my folks, companions, and city. It was extremely an emotional and nostalgic feeling when you have to move to another city, among new individuals while confronting new difficulties & challenges.

New Journey Starts..!! First Day…

I arrived Indore during the evening, spruced up, ate and dozed as soon as I hit the bed. Next morning I woke up right on time as I needed to report the workplace and I didn’t have any desire to arrive late. I arrived at the organization early, and yes I was extremely anxious and stressed at that moment. But that didn’t last long as soon as I took my First step into the company, I was amazed on observing the organization’s atmosphere and just a single word turned out from my mouth ‘Woow’, an ideal sight to behold.

I waited in the lounge area with eyes wide open glaring at the employee’s and realizing how relaxed they were enjoying their work. With me, there were a number of people too who were Interns just like me, stepping into the office for the first time. It didn’t take me long to make them my companions, and yes I could feel the uneasiness and curiosity in their eyes. At that point, the HR called us and gave a little presentation about the company’s culture and made us aware of our work responsibilities within the organization and her kind gesture made us all free and relaxed. She then introduced us to all the employees and our team leaders.

An Inferno Moment while meeting the Bossman..!!

Now, it was time to meet the most important person in the office our CEO, ‘Mr. Sourabh Nagar’. Truly, you can feel your heartbeat right when you are about to meet your manager. Frankly, I was very nervous and scared too and multiple thoughts ruining my mood and weaving my thoughts like a woolen sphere. He called us, and asked all of us to have a sit and made us feel comfortable right there. He introduced himself and talked about how he worked day and night in establishing Chapter247 Infotech, took our Introduction and started explaining us about the office, its mission, vision and the goals. As he progressed, he made us more comfortable and relaxed motivating us at the same time. Truly! I was adoring it and trust me all my tension and apprehension vanished. I had no clue this great and straight to the point he could be. Moving ahead he didn’t take much of our time and we were sent to our respective designations one by one, happy and relaxed.

A Session in Web App Development with Team Leader’s Guidance

The Team Leader “Mr. Anand Jain” of Web App Department then proceeded from there and provided us with a small introduction about his roles and responsibilities within the organization. Then he moved ahead and started sharing his knowledge, experience and teaching us about various past & ongoing projects on MERN Stack. Then we moved to our respective PC’s to practice what we had gained throughout the sessions.

Our sessions were not only confined or limited to our job roles. Rather we were instructed about everything that any company representative has to know on or off the field, a practice which none of the other organization offers at least in Indore (As far as I know). After a few minutes, it was our lunchtime and it was 1:30 from 10 in only 15 minutes. Time was flying and I literally experienced that because I was enjoying my work and was making the most out of my knowledge.

We went to the cafeteria to have our lunch, Which reminded me about my college cafeteria. The ambiance was so friendly and everybody shared their lunch boxes and started talking about their hometown, qualifications and about themselves. It was 1:15 and we went back to our desks to continue the work.

Daily Table Tennis Games / Recreational Break

After a few minutes of practice again, it was 5:30 pm. Believe me, time was flying like an umbrella in a wild wind. I had no idea what was coming next and it was a daily recreational break. I was just like what? How?

I have had never heard of a company which provides da aily recreational break for half an hour, where you can explore your talents in your own way and also engage your body and mind in some activities like Table Tennis & Chess. It was a point of fascination for me, and reminded me about my old school days where I used to be one of the most active player in TT. I generally envisioned to work in an organization which underscored on both the fields like learning and wellness and my dreams fused with my real life.

Everyone as a team played and enjoyed. In a matter of moments, it was time for us to leave. We bid goodbye to everyone and began leaving the workplace with considerably more inspiration to begin the work following day.

Second Day at Work.. and it paid off

The following day we reached office at the scheduled time. Today was different again. There was a Medical Checkup for all the employees and staffs for free organized by the office, and I was given the responsibility of that. I was much the same as ‘Oh Yeah’ again a duty and it’s time to prove again. We took the Blood Pressure, Weight Measurements, Glucose Tests and BMI check-up of all the employees and staffs from the app designed and developed by our own seniors present at the office. Yes, I finished this task successfully and with that, I also got a chance to Interact with all the people working at the office.

Special Task from CEO showing Teamwork importance on Saturday

Coming Saturday our CEO assigned all the new Interns an Innovative task of making vacancy boards and creative designs for the new upcoming people looking for a job and probably help them in Identifying how Chapter247 Infotech can offer them their dream job. The motive behind this task was to Improve our Team Collaboration and for our core skill Improvement. By then I had already realized that I have kept my toes in the best place because the kind of attention to the new employees was just unimaginable. As you get very few chances to Impress your CEO, we started to work on the task on that day Itself. We tried to give our best and completed the task in the least number of days as we could. As a result, our CEO, HR and all the other employees were very happy with our work and everyone appreciated our dedication and hard work. We all were very happy at that time.

Summing Up… What I felt up so far and how I visualize myself in the Future?

Yes, I was very happy and confident because I knew I am going to gain a number of things from the company, and working with Chapter247 Infotech will surely help me build a strong career. By far the team support and the involvement by the C-Level Executives made me feel very comfortable working at the office and is helping in shaping my learning curve.

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Chapter247 Infotech always strives to deliver quality to the clients as well as to all their employees. If you are looking for an organization where you are not only bound to work, but you can enjoy your everyday routine, Chapter247 Infotech is undeniably the best choice.

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