When the target audience is seeking better options online to get enhanced services, businesses are also exploring new ways by building high end software applications to make sure they meet the expectations of their potential customers. ReactJS is one such Web Application and mobile application Development framework that has been pursued by several enterprises such as industry bigwigs like Netflix, PayPal, Apple, Dropbox, Coursera, Reddit, Intuit, etc. to give a class apart user experience to their users and stand a step ahead of their competition. ReactJS Development has played a major role in building the web applications that are more functional and user centric, improving the customer’s experience.

Benefits of ReactJS Development

Let us explore some of the key benefits that are provided by ReactJS Development and why you should choose it as the technology for your next project.

1.  ReactJS makes scripting components easier- Scripting forms the base of the code that is written to build an application. While this can be a challenging task, especially with the syntax errors that make debugging tricky, ReactJS allows you to use the free syntax extension JSX.

JSX makes HTML quoting a lot easier for the developers as the rendering becomes the subcomponent. What makes it even more handy for developing top tier applications or custom built components, is the fact that you can easily convert the HTML mockups into ReactElement trees.

As a result, the developers not only get error alerts and notifications, which are informative, but also the code becomes a lot cleaner and legible, which makes debugging easier.

2. ReactJS enables reusability of the code- ReactJS allows the developers to build chunks of code known as components. This enables them to reuse these components wherever required, instead of writing the code from scratch. Reusability of the code not only saves time and effort put in to write the components several times but also reduces the chances of errors, making debugging and maintenance easier.

3. ReactJS has Virtual DOM- Unlike other JavaScript frameworks that offers Real DOM which are tricky to update and takes more time when the number of elements are on the higher side, ReactJS makes it light and easy with Virtual DOM, which is an in-memory representation of Real DOM.

The benefits of ReactJS and why you should choose it for your next project

With every change in the JSX, ReactJS updates the Virtual DOM objects in one of the Virtual DOM and compares it with the other to find the changes done in the objects. These changes are then updated in the Real DOM.

Though it might sound a bit lengthy but it is not, because updating Virtual DOM is rather very fast, and makes the whole process of updating Real DOM a lot faster, enhancing the overall performance of the application.

4. ReactJS offers faster speed- Applications with a faster turnaround time happen to be widely recommended by their users. With people always on the go, they seek speed when it comes to the web applications, and ReactJS offers it. ReactJS Development supports both client side rendering and server side rendering that enhances the performance of the web application by several folds, empowering it with high speed.

5. ReactJS supports SEO- Search Engine Optimization is important for your business when it comes to online visibility and letting your target audience find you easily on the web. A web application that is SEO oriented, improves the chances of your target audience landing on your business page, thereby bringing in better possibilities.

ReactJS allows both client side and server side rendering that helps search engines locate your web content and list it in the search results. ReactJS Development is thereby highly recommended when it comes to finding an SEO friendly development framework.

6. ReactJS offers an active support- Developed by the Facebook community, ReactJS offers high end support with an active community of developers around the world that are there to offer support and help. With the experts from companies like Instagram and Facebook, the ReactJS support community is very robust and reliable.

7. ReactJS is easy to learn-It offers an easy learning curve, making it a developers first choice, when it comes to wanting to learn and work on. This is one of the key reasons why developers around the world are making a move towards ReactJS Development.

8. ReactJS is cost-friendly- When it comes to building a software for the business, feasibility and cost efficiency remain significant in choosing the tech stack. Since. ReactJS is open source and free, there is no hefty licensing fees attached to it, which saves a lot of cost for building the web application.

9. You can build native mobile applications- ReactJS not only allows you to build high end Web applications that are user friendly, but at the same time, also lets you use the same code and build native mobile applications using React Native. Reusing the code saves a lot of time in building the mobile apps from scratch, and also ensures that consistency is maintained across the Web and Mobile applications for a seamless user experience.

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With the above benefits, ReactJS is an absolute favorite among the developers who are seeking better frameworks to build efficient web applications for business. Proving this, a 2019 survey from Stack Overflow, one of the leading communities of developers and programmers, suggests ReactJS is the most loved and wanted Web Frameworks among the developers.

The benefits of ReactJS and why you should choose it for your next project 1
Source: Stack Overflow

The benefits of ReactJS and why you should choose it for your next project 1

Source: Stack Overflow

Having said this, with such a massive popularity globally, among both the bigwigs and the budding startups alike, ReactJS is a good choice for your next project.

The next step
Now that you have got an idea about what makes ReactJS a good choice to build your next Web Application, it is also essential that you choose the right ReactJS Development company, which can help you build the desired application for your business.

To help you plan ahead and zero down the right ReactJS Development Service provider, here are a few good reads curated for you to get a better understanding of choosing the right tech partner.