Do you wish to make your mobile application the next big thing?  And a sure-shot winner in the online marketplace? Then you have to beat the close to 4 million apps currently present in the app store.

Technologically speaking, there have been some unparalleled advances that human beings have made creating opportunities in it. Earlier we functioned with heavy desktops which later got converted into lighter laptops and then later to mobile devices changing the way we conduct business. Mobile application development has indeed captured a large presence in this digital transformation. Today close to 42% of small startups conduct their businesses through a mobile application. For the rest of them who do not yet have a mobile app, 30% of them are planning to have one soon.


Why is Good UX Essential?

A good User Experience (UX) is extremely important to determine the success of any mobile app. The entire process of mobile application development should reflect a great work of User experience (UX) at every corner of the mobile application. The experience has to be stellar for the customer to stick to your mobile application because any less experience than this will render your efforts and hard-earned money useless. There is also a chance that your mobile application gets a poor review on the app store.

A good UX should help the user to easily navigate in the application helping the user to browse various features without any problems. The first interaction of the app with the user has to be an amazing experience that can only come when a strong mobile application development company like ours can provide mastery in their skills like our UX/UI experts.

UX and UI are Same Sides of Coin

A lot of times it is a perplexing situation considering that UX and UI are both sides of the same coin. But, this is not true because UI or the user interface is the screen of the mobile app that the users can see which includes the icon helping to establish the communication between the user and the device. 

UX, on the other hand, is a tool that aims at providing a rich experience to the user while they are using the application. Hence it is not recommended to jiggle both of them considering they are the same. The user interface has broad connotations which consist of visual designs, interactive designs and also easy to read the content. User experience is designed after understanding the needs and demands of the end-users.

Why does Bad UX Happen? 

 A bad UX is usually due to the following reasons-

Zero strategies in UX design:

Whenever a UX is created it is done so keeping in mind the end-user who will use the app. If one has to master that, it is essential that the organization undertakes thorough user-centric UX design through detailed research of users and their needs. As a mobile application development, we consider it to be the foremost step in beginning to plan a UX design of the app. Our research has led us to design some of the best apps for our clients

Client-centric design: 

In order for mobile application development to achieve laurels, client feedback also is very important. But, remember where to maintain balance because there is a chance that the client is not truly technically sound. If the client feedback dominates the common design principles proposed by the UX designers then the mobile application development company has to push it back and provide additional insights to make it better.

Not willing to invest in design:

A great UX app requires patience with a great amount of investment put aside for it. If a client ever tries to cut back on the design of the app, then even its best design cannot save the prospect of the app. 

Lack of enough tests:

 getting design feedback from the users is an important part of the process. Based on the usability tests the users can gain more insights on the app design. 

How can a poor UX kill the prospects of your app?

We all know that a mobile application is indeed an indispensable tool for all enterprises regardless of their size. If your mobile application development efforts do not convert into a successful app it can result in the loss of the customers. If your mobile app does not meet the benchmark standards the users are smart enough to switch to other apps and also blacklist yours based on their experience from your app. 

Let us now discuss how a bad UX could actually prove super harmful for your mobile application.

The app does not consider user time:

Do you think users should stick to your app when it takes time to load? 

Now for the reality, of course not! In this age where people hardly have time to consider anything and need instant solutions, customers will obviously not want to take the trouble to keep refreshing it to get the app. 

The statistics are very important because when the page load time increases from 1 sec to 3 sec, the bounce rate might increase by 32%. If it delays by a further 90% and comes to the 6-second mark, the bounce rate crosses 100%!

Immature app designers:

If the client is given amateur designers and app developers they might add many unnecessary features to the app for the want to make it look creative and different. They apparently would want the customer to see these features and consider the app different from others. But, this is surely not the right way as many people might not even understand the need for such features in the app. While managing these features can be a huge hassle for consumers, it can result in the app not getting installed because heavy-loaded features might stop the smooth running of the mobile application. We as experts in designing UX know that the key to running an e-commerce mobile app is to ensure it has the necessary features and is minimalistic. It should be the right combination of aesthetics and functionality.

Poor Navigation:

If your app is not organized well enough it can lead the app to disappear owing to poor downloads. When a person uses a mobile application to shop it only means that they also find it convenient than going through racks of clothes to pick the right choice. If the mobile application is poorly developed the customers won’t be able to find what they are looking for. Incorporating a search option is essential for app creation as it lets the users look for what they want. If the user is forced to scroll down several pages to find the right fit, then the customer after a certain point becomes uninterested and will discourage business. It also will lead the user to abandon the app. 

Including the login page without any need:

There are many apps that compulsorily require customers to log in to further access the page. They have to divulge a lot of details like name, email id and sometimes even contact numbers which is not necessary at all! Also in the time when the customer is experiencing the app, they should not be coaxed by the app for registrations. It can be an annoying experience for the customer to do so. If user registration is essential for the app then the process has to be extremely simple. About 16% of the users end up uninstalling the app due to this reason.

UX is all about Teamwork:

Whether it is mobile application development or designing the UI or UX if it is carried out in full-coordination of a great team like ours, be rest assured of the best results. As a mobile app development company, we wholeheartedly believe that it is our joint responsibility to generate extraordinary attempts to deliver the end product. We have a large team that works in tandem to produce the desired results as every single team member contributes towards the success of the project.

Not letting the customers take a proper look:

Another poor mistake that companies make is to disable the customers from accessing complete pictures that are a clear mark of a poor UX. If you are a business selling products, it is without a doubt that customers might want to look at the details before placing the order. If the picture doesn’t load properly or the users aren’t able to zoom into it then customers would get annoyed. Poor display of pictures might also lead them away from the mobile application forcing them to uninstall the app because it may look suspicious to them. 

Poor Content:

If the content on your mobile app fails to grab the user’s attention then there is work to be done. It is of utmost importance that the host content on the mobile application makes the user think how important they are. If the design is dull and far from compelling, companies will have to face poor monthly revenues issues. 

Complicated tutorials:

Tutorials are important without any as they serve as an important guide but most of the time these tutorials are more of a burden than anything. There is so much excessive information that customers really get irritated reading through the instructions especially when points are redundant. If the mobile application has incorporated loads of tutorials, for the users to understand your app it in a way suggests that your user interface is poorly designed. If UI’s are self-explanatory the target audience will realize that navigation is easier.


Finish line

Creating a great User experience is not an easy ball game but understand that it isn’t rocket science and can be mastered upon if the UX designers pay attention to the details and give prominence to tests. A good testing strategy should form the cornerstone of any mobile application development service and we at Chapter247 use this as a core focus on any project we undertake. 

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