The dearth of good tech talent is driving several start-ups and established enterprises to look out for offshore vendors and remote developers. Startups are looking for experts in particular technologies that can manage specific tasks and enhance the overall capabilities of their in-house team. 

At the same time organizations also want to keep total control over their project resources, management process, and milestone deliveries. An answer to all these woes and worries is staff augmentation. It is fueling resource requirements at the right time, at the right place, and at the right cost.

In the 21’st century, IT staff augmentation solutions are considered to be the most important tools for an IT organization to stay agile in a rapidly changing environment. Staff augmentation is the new buzzword on the IT job market with more and more global businesses switching from in-house development to remote hiring or IT staff augmentation.

It is important to choose the right kind of talent depending on the term of the project.

Generally speaking, there are two main types of staff augmentation strategy: short term and long-term collaboration.

Short-term services

 This model is opted for when there is an increased demand for developers or when your in-house specialists are either unable to fulfill the demand of the project.

Long-term services

This model is more suitable for longer projects which are commonly used to fill a skill gap, cut operational costs, or when the in-house hiring process is too long.

How does it work?

The primary reasons to opt for a model like this can be two-fold:

  • To increase the size of your workforce and fulfill demand in everyday work. 
  • To build an organizational team using almost entirely flexible labor as a way to gain competitive advantage. 

There are many scenarios based on which companies make this crucial decision to leverage staff augmentation. Staff augmentation is a great way of using a skilled workforce on a temporary basis to fill the skill gap for both short terms and long term projects. Another major scenario could be that an organization takes a particular project and the timeline to deliver the project is very less. The organization’s current available skill set is good but at the same time not optimal to complete the project on time. These could be some of the situations based on which staff augmentation is the best strategy.

To understand its working we have defined the entire process in brief steps below:

This is the first step and before you begin to search for the candidates, it is important to understand what you are looking at. You must define a precise number of resources that you want to hire. It is also significant that you define the candidate specification that includes qualifications, expertise, years of experience, etc.

Review and selection

Once the needs are identified, and you get an idea about what you are looking for, the next step is to initiate the search process. Find organizations that provide staff augmentation solutions. After you contact the right fits, begin by providing details about what skills you need. Conduct interviews and tests to ensure that all the eligibility criteria have been met and then take them in by signing a deal with the provider organization.


During the on-boarding process, the organizations have to ensure that they provide full support for the successful integration of your new employees or temporary hires. You must also ensure that all the new employees are getting to know about your company’s procedures, processes, and rules especially when the project is long-term stretching to 1-2 years. It is the employer’s duty to see to it that they are well melded into the system and that the staff augmentation solutions company is well-informed about the progress of the project.

Continuous support

Once the integration phase is over, the ongoing support to the new hires should not stop. You must also receive feedback and establish strong relationships so as to ensure they also partner with you effectively in all stages of project development.

Staff augmentation is the right strategy when

    1. You have a talented task force working on your product, but what if you decide to introduce a software that would ease handling customer queries, will take care of supply chain management, and ensure that grievances at all levels are addressed. You have an IT department but they are not well adept at creating software on this scale. Moreover, they are fewer in number as well. It is then you need to hire a team of tech professionals from a staff augmentation solutions company like ours because hiring local talent could mean preserving them and bearing their costs even after their job is done. On top of that, it is also a time taking process which you are not ready to waste.
    2. Not all technologies are known by your in-house team. Sometimes for a project, you might need different technology and a team of professionals who have experience working around it. Your project holds high regard because it may change the prospects of the organization, which means you cannot risk not hiring a person who knows this technology. In such situations why go for local hires, you can contact a staff augmentation solutions company and hire their talent who is well-versed with this technology.

How staff augmentation improves your business

We already are aware of how beneficial it is for organizations to choose a staff augmentation model. They help by

    • Increasing the flexibility and capacity of the business because it is easier to hire developers when you need them especially in the holiday season when the workforce is unwilling to stretch.
    • Saving time because specialists can be hard to locate especially locally and when the recruitment process can take even months sometimes. 
    • Lowering operational costs because they are not with you always and are only need-based. When it is a remote model, you do not even have to bother about office rentals, equipment, etc. It is cheaper that way.
    • Closing the skill gap because companies usually cannot get their hands on IT talents hence opting for this model is better.
    • Crafting a good business strategy because it is used to build an organization or team to gain a competitive advantage giving you increased time to market or become more agile.

Why choose us

We follow a unique process to ensure that the client needs everything they require. Our process involves a deep understanding of the requirements and a well-documented strategy and plan which would include due diligence. With hundreds of projects delivered by our team, we offer staff augmentation services to any business looking to build software engineering capabilities. We have a huge pool of diversely skilled technology professionals capable of augmenting your existing in-house capabilities and empowering you to deliver products and services with zero liabilities.

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