Post your party weekend, your alarm wakes you up at 6 am! Your important Monday morning hustle is at 9 am sharp and all you are feeling is drowsed out and lack of enthusiasm. Getting to work on a Monday morning can get very laborious. Those, especially in sales, start dreading the entire week and what could be in store for them. To add more salt to the injury, it kills your buzz after the weekend. The more you think about it, the worse it gets and this for sure is not the way you want to start your week!


Because Monday is just another day when you can do a lot but you have made it into a lackadaisical day bereft of passion and motivation needed to kick start work after a great weekend. 

If you suffer from what we have said at the beginning you have tested positive for Monday blues! Nothing to worry about because most of us travel down that road every Monday morning. 

So how to deal with it?

We help you with some ideas that can help you bid adieu to Monday blues and instead welcome it with passion, smiles, and cheer. 

1.Find the source of your botheration

What after all is the reason for your stress? Is it work or is it a nagging boss? It is important to identify where this stress erupts from that leaves you fear Mondays in the mornings. Spend time identifying what the root cause of your Monday struggles could be and work on changing it. If it is work, then plan your work well, make a task Calendar, and ensure you follow it to the T. Do not deviate from it else you will feel the heat on the D-day. If it is a nagging boss, then remember, no problem in the world is unsolvable especially when a matured conversation is made. Talk it out and reach a resolution because work and Mondays are constant. All in all, what we mean is that the source of your worries should be captured and taken care of. 

2.Keep nothing pending for Monday

Mondays will surely be super stressful if you pile up your Monday with the previous week’s tasks. Like mentioned, make a calendar of tasks and finish what is meant to be finished on the designated date and time. Keep a clean slate on Monday because it will give you a fresh perspective and some reason to cheer. A pending job will always keep you worried, drained for the whole day, and will also pile up unnecessary worries. Make sure you finish up all your jobs by Friday with proper time management. 

3.Have a positive mindset

Attitude is everything! 

When you are looking to achieve something, a great attitude is half the battle won. Always choose a positive attitude and improvise on the quality of your life and work. Start the week extremely strong by waking up on Monday with a positive thought process and this will contribute a lot to your Monday motivation. Your brain should only think positively and when you do that, the result of it is visible. 

4.Dress for success

It is important to come out of your pajama feelings because if you dress for success on Monday then it will be a great beginning. Plan your outfit the previous day itself. Slip-on the best look, ensure the outfit is well-ironed, neat, and crisp in the presentation. Wait till you experience a positive spin on your day and as research said when you look good, you feel good. So, dress not just to impress but also to like yourself on a Monday.

5.Allocate time for a to-do list

For the new week coming up, get set with your to-do list ready. You can also do it on a Sunday but Friday also works fine. Take some time out to plan things out so that it does not become difficult to deal with Monday. If you don’t do it, you might start the week feeling clueless and waste oodles of time on planning and figuring out what to do throughout the week. Being prepared is a great way to deal with Monday blues. You will feel more in control and advance preparation will give you an edge. 

6.Sleep should be prioritized

The importance of proper rest is not an over-emphasized fact. Getting sufficient sleep of more than 6 hours is a must before you kick-off your Monday. If you party late on Sunday, then you could experience poor mood and fatigue throughout your Monday. If you are finding yourself always tired and lacking energy then it gets worse on Mondays. Shift your parties Saturday night and try to recover and get full rest during the weekend. Going to bed early on Sunday and getting a solid sleep of 8 hours will help you feel super alert on Monday. 

Apart from these major tips, also ensure to introduce an innovative streak in your work. You can do the same things differently so as to ensure you are not bogged down by monotonous boredom. Following these 7 ways, you are reborn on a new Monday. It’s time for you to change your strategy and deal with Monday blues like a boss!

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We do hope the article helps you wipe off the concept of Monday Blues. Now you can welcome your Mondays with a bang!