A whopping 178 billion apps were downloaded by users in 2017 according to a noted number-crunching organization Statista. BY 2022, this number is about to increase by a mammoth 45% which is a wake-up call to all those large and small organizations who are yet to decide!

Today mobiles are fundamentally transitioning your business. Regardless of your business model, companies now wish to integrate their model with diverse mobile application development tools to amass maximum benefit and reach the widest audience possible.

The Mobile app industry has managed to become one of the leading revenue generators and is unstoppable. According to Statista, apps are expected to bring about $581 Billion US dollars in revenue by 2020.

Top 10 mobile app development trends for 2020

Merely having a mobile app is not enough, you also have to ensure that your mobile app has to be evolving and dynamic that caters to the ever-changing market and needs of the customers. The popular and successful apps that shined in 2019 might not have the same potential for the next year. Gartner even said that less than 0.01% of mobile apps will hit the bull’s eye. So having a strategy for mobile app development alone will not do the trick.

The scope and potential of businesses to have their app to track their customers is not saturated. Even today a close to 25% of all mobile apps are gaming apps which are 2.5 times more than business apps. 

Top 10 mobile app development trends for 2020

To ensure you reach the zenith of success you need to inculcate the top Mobile app development trends for 2020 which will take your business to its pinnacle.

Top Mobile App Development Trends for 2020

Looking at the dynamicity of the mobile app industry, organizations must work on continuous improvement to meet the incessant demands of the customers. 

For that to happen it is important to look at the new technology trends for 2020 that we have listed for you. Including these trends in your strategy will be the wisest decision you will have ever made!

1. The rise and rise of Beacon

Beacon technology has spearheaded mobile app trends for 2020 by being a noted technology trend in several sectors, especially health care and hospitality. The technology has been extremely useful in location and proximity technology. As the name suggests, beacon also eases out the process by helping customers get accustomed to it soon.

Beacons make use of Bluetooth to transmit signals. These wireless transmitters contain a CPU, radio with batteries, and it continuously works by broadcasting it with an identifier. When merged with the Internet of Things(IoT) can be a major boon to customer-centric industries like retail.

Beacons have been creating quite a buzz since 2013, especially after Apple, came with the first iBeacon technology. Ever since the buzz around them has managed to stay on top, especially in retail stores, malls, events, and even museums. 

Top 10 mobile app development trends for 2020

Image: ThinkwithGoogle

Global market insights have predicted that the beacon technology is all set to surpass $25 billion by 2024 clearly showing the potential of encashing on this technology for 2020. The top mobile app industry trends for beacon technology for 2020 are sure to be AI-enabled chips, Automated ML and mobile payments beacon.

2. The influence of 5G wireless

There is no denying that 5G is one of the top mobile trends for 2020. Its significance is bound to grow beyond 2020 because speed is the name of the game now. Compared to your 4G networks, 5G is stated to be 100 times faster and it is currently vouched by the game-changers of the industry big time. Apart from speed, other functionalities that it offers are data security, Virtual gaming, AR and much more.

With the roll-out already on the anvil, it is now predicted that by 2025, more than 1.4 billion devices will be run on the 5G network by 2025. This will eat up 15% of the overall global usage.

Top 10 mobile app development trends for 2020

Source: Awwards

5G is not an extended version of 4G but is built on a new architecture. It surely holds the potential of bringing in a 4th industrial revolution or better….an internet revolution.

3. Application Performance Management

To fight the drawbacks that hamper the performance of apps, APM was introduced as a Google metric which helps in augmenting the holistic performance. For a quality defined testing process, APM is a preferred tool that is used.

4. Wearable devices heading up North

We all know that wearable devices are nothing new. All of us have used smartwatches, fitness trackers and smart rings changing how we are interacting with the devices. Consumer awareness is increasing along with technology literacy, which can contribute immensely to the growth of wearable devices over time.

As more and more resources will be spent by customers on these devices there will be an increase in the range of devices that will be available to customers. The ranges that will be available will shift to different body parts by 2026 according to Iscoop.

Top 10 mobile app development trends for 2020

5. Make your Mobile apps sharper with Artificial Intelligence

Organizations in the past few years have been obsessing over Artificial Intelligence. And why not! AI has been synonymous with a breakthrough in technology, especially in mobile application development. Artificial Intelligence means different things to different people. It is an amalgamation of different ideas and technologies that make life easier. The typical AI is something like this:

Top 10 mobile app development trends for 2020

Source: KDNuggets

Artificial Intelligence is like an umbrella concept that has several linings of technology fitted inside it. Every lining has broader applications in diverse business areas.

Top 10 mobile app development trends for 2020

Some of the widely used AI technologies today are Virtual Assistants, Chatbots, NLP, Machine learning and a lot more. Different technologies make use of diversely competitive PHP frameworks to boost performance. For instance, successful chatbots have been created using the Laravel framework while the React framework also has a huge community that comes handy while working on emerging technologies. Node Framework, also one of the most popular tools in the JS library has a broader scope.

To answer all your questions about the Node Js framework, read our exclusive FAQ to wash away your doubts.

Take note of some interesting observations:

  • 55.5% – The forecast compound annual growth rate of the market. (alliedmarketresearch.com)
  • Asia Pacific is expected to hold the biggest AI market share. (alliedmarketresearch.com) 
  • Manufacturing is expected to experience the highest Artificial intelligence  use growth. (alliedmarketresearch.com) 
  • The limited number of Artificial intelligence experts is seen to be a major obstacle to the AI market’s growth. (alliedmarketresearch.com) 
  • AI will grow into a $118.6 billion industry by 2025. (statista.com) 

Google has introduced Duplex that makes calls in the place of humans to successfully fix appointments with local business contacts. AI is evolving at a pace faster than our thoughts. 

Top 10 mobile app development trends for 2020

Source: Mobileappdaily

The image is a clear indication of how and for what purposes industries have embraced the use of AI. IT Industry is leading the way closely followed by marketing and finance.

6. Develop Instant apps

Google made it easy by launching Instant apps in 2016 which aids developers to create native apps. Instant apps operate as websites and do not ask their users to download it for use. Instant apps come with umpteen benefits like being small in size, having nearly all the functionalities of a website along with providing enriching user experience. These Google Instant apps are easily available in play store that can be used without the need to download them.

7. Harmonize IoT with mobile apps

The Internet of things or IoT has an impact on everything right from the way we travel to the way manufacturers keep track of their inventory. In a nutshell, IoT is a concept that binds any device to the Internet and another connected device. This is a giant network comprising of connected people and things. With the help of IoT, we can now control over various equipment using your mobile app.

The growth of IoT has been exponential since 2009. According to Statista, the global market for IoT will cross $1.7 trillion. Mobile applications play an important role here because they act as an interface that helps users to interact with IoT-enabled devices. With the growing IoT market also grows the world of mobile app development.

Top 10 mobile app development trends for 2020

If you have to merge IoT with mobile app development, app developers need to create them on a platform that is feasible and practical too. Some of the notable platforms are

  • Android Ubidots?: All you have to do is to just create an account with the help of Android. This connecting to Ubidots happens in no time which then helps the developers to create apps.
  • Xively?: offers advanced IoT features for your app development.
  • ThingWorx?: It has some more advanced tools to help you in the process.

8. Virtual reality integration with mobile apps

VR is not futuristic anymore. VR might be at its nascent stage but the market is reverberating with Google, Facebook and Samsung all set to develop their platforms for mobile.

In 2017 the global VR market stood at $3.13 billion and the figure is expected to reach a massive $49.7 billion in 2023. VR is one of the prime connecting links between the virtual and physical worlds.

Virtual reality is currently havings its lion’s share in the gaming industry. One of the best examples of the augmented VR gaming app is the Zombie shooter game which activates the weapon automatically when the zombie appears. Also in the name of mobile apps, Google cardboard is one of the oldest names in VR technology. 

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Ikea also has been using VR to its utmost advantage by giving a virtually real user experience to augment its sales. AR integration in mobile apps will be one of the biggest game-changers in the world of mobile trends for 2020. We will see a lot of VR integration into mobile apps in health care, manufacturing, and advertising.

Ikea also has been using VR to its utmost advantage by giving a virtually real user experience to augment its sales. AR integration in mobile apps will be one of the biggest game-changers in the world of mobile trends for 2020. We will see a lot of VR integration into mobile apps in health care, manufacturing, and advertising.

Source: App solutions

The growth is impressive and it’s all for 2020!

9. Mobile wallets increases in importance

With the boom in online retailing and online shopping, safer ways to pay online has become a necessity. Registering as a top mobile trends for 2020, the concept of mobile wallet came into play with Apple pay and Google wallet aiding customers in easy payment options. Mobile commerce will be trending in 2020 with blockchain merging into the world of mobile payments making it more simpler and safer to use.

Countries that were hitherto thriving on cash and plastic money now can switch to mobile wallets. Companies like Samsung and Apple are already working on enhancing the scanning methodology to make your transactions convenient and error-free.

Market research future has forecasted in its Global forecast report that the e-wallet market would make inwards and forge ahead with a CAGR of 15% and is expected to reach the $2100 billion mark by 2021.

Top 10 mobile app development trends for 2020

Source: Global market forecast

We expect a boom in new mobile trends for 2020 with mobile wallets dominating the space with more than 2 billion users, and a new world of contact-free payment in a much safer way.

10. Cloud-based mobile apps

If you want your mobile app to work harmoniously and uninterrupted on multiple platforms the cloud technologies become pivotal for app development. By incorporating cloud technologies in mobile app development there are several brownie points that you can score overall. Some discernible advantages include

  • Methodical operations
  • Curtailment of hosting
  • Lower equipment cost
  • Intensification of storage capacity in the apps
  • Augmented partnership and productiveness

The merger of cloud computing into apps has enabled it to help store hordes of data and enhanced the ability to carry out perplexing tasks at ease. Usually, for the bigger database mobile apps, AWS or the Amazon web service is the most-used as the cloud computing back-up.

Cloud computing with the mobile app is one of the biggest mobile app development trends for 2020 with several trends like quantum computing, hybrid cloud solutions, and cloud services coming in vogue.

The Road Ahead!

With these technology trends for 2020, the app industry is all set to dominate the human mind and space especially in 2020. With experts within your reach, it is high time you integrate these top mobile app trends for 2020 in your app development efforts.

To get more insights on how to construct your apps that can dominate the markets in 2020 and beyond we will assist you in building a powerful mobile application.

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