NodeJS Frameworks That Are Powerful Web Application Development has become pivotal for the businesses who are seeking advanced ways to connect with their target audience digitally. While the people are depending a lot on the software applications for their daily functioning ranging from regular chores to complex tasks, businesses are going from pillar to post, for making customer engagement fruitful. One of the key steps to build an engaging application is by choosing the right framework to build the application.


JavaScript frameworks have been a great choice for Web Application Development, but NodeJS in particular, has gained a lot of traction in the past few years among the industry bigwigs and the budding startups alike. Global leaders like Netflix, Walmart, PayPal, LinkedIn, Yahoo, Trello, Uber, eBay, Groupon, and many more have been leveraging NodeJS development to build high end applications that have successfully gained the attention of their customers.

When NodeJS Development has been recognized as a futuristic performance-oriented Web Application Development framework by the industry, finding the trends that would unfold in the year 2020 would surely make a lot of sense and give an edge to your business.

NodeJS frameworks that are powerful

NodeJS Frameworks have been very powerful, extending a strong support to the NodeJS Development accelerating the overall Web App Development process. These frameworks provide an extra edge by making the web application powerful, high performing, and faster in nature. Some of these powerful frameworks include:


  • Express.js- Express.js is a supporting NodeJS framework, which is largely considered to be essential for NodeJS Development. It offers the speed to NodeJS, since it is light-weight, along with other features such as database integration, multiple routing, template engines and many more. Developing APIs, web and mobile applications have become easier and much more efficient with Express.js.On the top of it, Express.js is highly maintained to be up to date by the developer’s community, and is largely loved as a Web Framework in 2019, which makes it a likely trend in 2020 as well.

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  • Meteor.js- As the popularity of cross platform apps is growing among the audience, businesses are going the extra mile to ensure a seamless user experience for their customers as they switch between browsers and devices. Meteor.js has been very beneficial in building cross platform applications both web and mobile applications for Android and iOS.Moreover, Meteor.js offers a futuristic approach to the scripting by encapsulating both the front-end and back-end development to a single coding language i.e. Vanilla JavaScript. In addition to this, Meteor.js offers diverse packages and libraries with a testing tool, which makes debugging simpler.
    This makes scripting easier and is another reason apart from the cross platform application development that the developers are looking forward to it, making it a trend in 2020.
  • Koa.js- Koa.js is a smaller yet expressive and robust NodeJS framework that is lightweight and offers quick development of Web Applications and APIs. It enhances the overall productivity, by making the programming easier by providing an upstream and downstream flow of control.It allows you to choose the relevant modules for your web application, which makes it a flexible framework. Koe.js opts for ES6 generators and eliminates call backs, which makes the application very fast.
    Koa is gaining traction among the developers on GitHub and seems to be an emerging NodeJS trend for 2020.

Top features in NodeJS Development Trends for 2020

Apart from these futuristic frameworks, here are some of the top features which make it to NodeJS Development Trends for 2020:

Top NodeJS Development Trends for 2020 that you should know

  • Real time applications- When everyone is looking forward to minimize the turn around time of web applications for a faster and seamless customer experience, Real time applications is surely a trend that would gain a lot of traction in the year 2020.These real time applications would not only require lightweight processing but a strong backend that is capable of providing lightning speed to the users. NodeJS Development seems to be the right choice for building real time applications offering a next-level processing speed to the customers.
  • Serverless Web App Development- NodeJS offers serverless and hardware free solutions that make it better in terms of easy maintenance, saving time, cost, and effort. Thereby, improving the overall functionality and productivity of the project. These are the key metrics of efficiency in business, which makes it a trend for 2020.
  • Scalability and flexibility- As the businesses are growing at a massive speed they are seeking frameworks that can easily adapt and scale as their user base gains traction rapidly. NodeJS has the power to offer scalability and flexibility to the developers so that they can offer better feature updates and host a larger audience seamlessly.
  • Microservices- With the growing craze of DevOps and DevSecOps, Microservices has been wanted by many businesses who are planning to make their web applications, faster, and seamless, for optimizing its performance. By leveraging Microservices, they can maintain the code with ease, and make changes wherever required without disturbing the other modules of applications.Microservices are here to stay for sure, and NodeJS development offers the right support to it with API development, which makes a major trend for the year 2020.
  • Cloud Computing- When everyone’s moving to cloud for a better performance and cost efficiency, NodeJS being serverless in nature, highly supports cloud computing solutions by offering easy integration for building new cloud based apps and scaling the existing ones.

The way forward

With the features offered by NodeJS Development, it has been a popular JavaScript framework for Web Application Development, bringing in a revolution in the industry. By providing futuristic features, it has made the Web Applications a delight for the users, having left no stone unturned to amaze the users with the feature packed web applications.

Having discussed some of the top NodeJS Development trends for 2020 that you should be knowing, it is essential that you partner with the right team of developers who are capable of making the most of this modern web application development framework.

Choosing the right NodeJS Development Service providers gives a good start for developing a high end web application that can enhance your customer engagement and improve the growth prospects for your business. 

To help you plan the next steps and find out the right NodeJS Development Service Provider, here are a few good reads curated for you that can help you in choosing the right tech partner for your business application.