Custom Software Development has become one of the key needs of every business.

In today’s world of digitization, companies are always looking at deploying fresh software which lets them stay on top of the competition.

Various companies from the US and European countries are consistently looking to hire a pool of talented Indian developers in order to stimulate software innovation. The dearth of good talent in the west has driven many companies to choose custom software development outsourcing. Off-shore software development helps companies stay competitive and also increases their ability to expand in this ever-expanding market.

India has abundant talent, and with India having a huge youth population and bright growth prospects, it is preferred as one of the most preferred Offshore hubs for outsourcing. India currently leads the way with the highest off-shore projects in its kitty than any other country.

India has abundant talent, and with India having a huge youth population and bright growth prospects, it is preferred as one of the most preferred Offshore hubs for outsourcing. India currently leads the way with the highest off-shore projects in its kitty than any other country.

So, Why India? This topic is worth our exploration and we bring you 10 very good reasons why India is a preferred destination for custom software development and why Indian developers stand out in the crowd.

Understanding the difference between Outsourcing and Outstaffing

There are two major models that the vendor can use, one is an IT outsourcing model and the other is an IT outstaffing model. Outsourcing implies hiring a third person to deliver goods and services for you. IT outsourcing specifically implies hiring a third party for your IT needs majorly being custom software development.

IT outstaffing on the other hand also known as staff augmentation is all about augmenting the skills and expertise of the staff. Here you can hire from major software technology companies like ours for specific projects or a time period. After completing the project, the Indian developer can then provide his or her service to some other client depending on the needs and demands.

In the outsourcing model, the vendor works very closely with the custom software development team and takes care of the entire product development; whereas in the other model every developer is exclusively hired for their project who are managed by the client directly.

The illustration is given above clearly segregates the heads under each and based on that which works cheaper can be decided. 

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Reasons/Benefits of HIring Indian developers

1.  A huge pool of talent- A survey according to the insight that was conducted in 2018, revealed vividly that 45% of the employers are finding it a baffling task to fill IT positions and the prime reason for this was lack of skilled applicants. Especially in western countries, hiring the right developer with the right skill set has become very difficult. There are many good developers, but finding the right one which doesn’t dig a hole in your pocket is key. That is primarily the reason why an increasing number of companies are considering Offshoring outsourcing to improve their software development. Companies are able to concentrate on organic growth by way of outsourcing their custom software development needs to Indian developers. As seen earlier India is blessed with umpteen IT engineers who have a good grasp on their areas of specialization. For more on hiring software developers, look at our experienced, budding and expert developers.

2. English speaking Programmers-Companies are also looking at choosing an offshore software development company based on the premise of language compatibility. Indians stress a lot on imbibing education and English is also considered as a skill that every Indian deems necessary to learn. After the USA, India is now the second-largest English speaking nation.

The best of Indian developers and programmers are not only good in their field of work that is from a technical perspective but also good in English communication. They are also trained to communicate effectively over all mediums of interaction. Hence regardless of the geographical challenges, top quality developers from India always find they occupied with an abundance of work coming their way. The difference in time zones does not pose as roadblocks as Indian developers are aware of the demands and make changes accordingly. The work also doesn’t suffer because, despite cultural differences, work quality does not suffer.

3. Indian developers are cost-effective- This sure is an irrefutable advantage that Indian developers offer. Companies can decrease their IT spend by about 20 to 30% by offshoring their custom software development projects as well as hiring Indian coders, programmers, and developers. The cost of living in India is much lower than that of the West. Bangalore which is considered the hub of the IT talent pool, and counted as one of India’s most expensive cities, is 140% cheaper than the overall cost of living in California. This implies that the basic needs like Clothing, Food and Shelter are way too expensive in the west compared to even the most expensive city in India. The disposable income of an Indian employee is way higher compared to many countries. In terms of offshore custom software development, it surely works for companies to hire Indian developers. 

So, hiring Indian developers means hiring a talented and well-read pool of developers without denting your costing analysis! Sounds good!

Even if companies do not want to hire Indian talent, establishing a software center or hiring your own team will be expensive and not pragmatic at all! Going offshore also requires investment in the form of property lease, payroll and much more, but the expenses are still lower than what companies will be spending when they do it on their own turf. 

HinduBusinessline also went to elucidate that American companies on average have taken up 45% of office spaces in India followed by native companies and countries of the European Union. 

4. A great attitude towards work!- India produces more than 1.5 million engineers every year and it may be difficult to proclaim your stand on the blue blood. But when companies go for well-known offshore custom software development companies, your task of finding these engineers vanishes into thin air. Indian engineers have the solid technical know-how and they also possess the right attitude to work. Indian developers are not just hard-working but also smartly work their way into the projects to ensure that they innovate and give something extra in the software development lifecycle. When such an attitude is found in developers companies hiring them are in the most profitable position.

5. Time-zone advantage-Due to the time difference between India and other countries, Indian companies are able to work round the clock. When they can work round the clock it is possible to deliver their work well on time. Businesses regularly need projects to be completed before the turn around time stressing on their need for speed. If they do not deliver on time it implies that they do not have the time to market. Faster time to market implies companies are able to leverage competitive advantage. Let us see the time difference:

  • Compared to Europe India is 3 hours 30 minutes
  • The USA is 9 hours 30 minutes behind India
  • UK and India are separated by 4 hours and 40 minutes with India ahead of UK
  • Australia is ahead of India by 4 hours and 30 minutes

While working with a US-based company it becomes simple for Indian companies to concur and interact via calls during the ample flap period in the case of both the countries. In fact, for countries like Europe and the UK, the difference is much less which makes tackling the difference in an easier manner. 

If your business also has an in-house development as well as has hired a custom software development company, they have the advantage of being live 24/7. When the inhouse developers are unable to deliver, the outsourced software development company can work for the project. This can be an expensive proposition and hence suitable for companies who are huge and work big.  

6. Quality is not compromised- It is possible that clients are attracted to Indian developers because of the low price, but clients stick to them because they offer great quality. And this is the biggest reason why India holds the number one slot when it comes to custom software development. An Indian software development company like our focus not only on delivering the goods but also ensuring support and maintenance to ensure the software seeps in all the changing needs of the business. The competition is cut-throat because the top software development companies in India do not compromise on quality at any cost. 

In terms of ISO certifications, India also has the highest number of companies that are ISO certified. No company can be awarded the certification unless they are assured and provide quality.

7. Flexibility- This is yet another reason that companies should hire Indian developers because there is huge flexibility in hiring them. You can hire developers and experts at a price that allows your budget or a fair market price with a scalable model for hiring meaning that when a client needs it, they can hire according to the project. 

8. Diversity- A barrage of services is offered by Indian developers. Considering its vast youth population, You will find developers who specialize in

  1. Mobile application development
  2. React Native development
  3. Laravel development
  4. Full Stack developer
  5. Blockchain consulting
  6. Artificial Intelligence developer and a lot more

Check our solutions and services page to get to know about our offerings.

9. Round the clock support- Even if there are time-zone differences, the developers in India can deliver round the clock considering they are now adjusting well to time zone requirements. You can hire the best custom software development companies and they will dedicatedly work for you as staying up all night India time also draws them a better salary.

10. No hidden charges- When you choose your team of Indian developers, you can be rest assured that you relieve yourself of the hidden charges. There is a lot of transparency which will help you to make the right decision. Training programs are conducted at Chapter247 on a regular basis only to ensure that their team of developers and programmers stay atop their game and competitive.

Some Fair comparisons and estimates

The below-given picture talks about some facts about outsourcing and staff augmentation.


The information from Time Doctor, DOU, gives a bird’s eye view overview of the annual salary of the workforce in the USA vs India. It is apparent that the United States workforce needs 80,000 U.S. dollars more than India, which is a huge difference.

Country Average Annual Salary
USA $94,000
India $14,000

India still ranks higher compared to several Asian countries. We have presented a brief comparison of which A.T. Kearny Global Services Location Index had successfully ranked these five countries.  

Position Country Average Annual Salary
1 India $14,000
2 China $25,853
3 Malaysia $15,392
4 Indonesia $6,295
5 Brazil $16,194

A comparison between different regions clearly shows Asian countries charge competitively per hour. Latin American countries charge the highest followed by countries located in Eastern Europe.

Within Asia also the competition is fierce but this display shows that India and China have the largest number of software engineers. Other countries still lack behind but are gaining grounds. 

Wrapping up

We have given comprehensive comparisons and reasons to hire Indian developers. The right team of developers is required if you want to build and augment your online presence. Focus on Value because the cost is automatically amongst the lowest in the world.

Our expertise and competence are due to the pool of talent we currently have with us. We share an enviable review on Clutch and Good reviews that goes a long way in establishing our dexterity and know-how. 

Contact Chapter247 if you are looking at hiring our technically sound developers, we are just an email and a call away.