With the boom in the ed-tech sector, it won’t be wrong to say that ed-tech is the next game changer and is here to stay. We see a lot of new age organizations capitalizing on this opportunity with modern techniques. This blog post, we talk about how artificial intelligence is impacting the ed-tech industry and if you are one of the drivers in the ed-tech business, this article deserves to be bookmarked to take your business to next heights.

AI enables the education industry to provide automated self elearning courses. This can be done with the help of bots programmed with NLP, i.e. Neuro Linguistic Programming . This NLP based bot can coach itself and deliver advanced educational resources. Using this technology, it gets simpler to create personalized online learning courses. This also empowers the EdTech Solutions providers to provide the ability to integrate multiple information together and create meaningful outcomes. We share more details below:

artificial intelligence EdTech system

Advanced Learning Tools with AI EdTech 

The old and traditional methods of teaching are gradually moving out of demand. Whereas, the real need today is for a real-time experiential learning model. AI is a well equipped tool which can be used to accomplish the function of teaching using programmed courses.  This enhances the understanding of the subject through experiential learning.  With the automated machine technology, LMS solutions provider shall be able to comprehend & integrate multiple devices and systems together and deliver an automated solution. This integration helps in creating a simulated environment and improves learning experience. With an integrated AI technology, the subject tutors can focus more on students’ performances rather than the routine managerial job tasks.

Creating of Smart Content

AI can be easily broken down and disseminate the content from the old textbooks material by recreating them in a digitized format. Additionally, this type of digital information creates ways  to grasp and learn the content through multiple ways. It even allows interpretation of the content in various ways which is also called smart content. Using artificial intelligence, the EdTech companies can function on the smart content with an integration of other textbooks. Best part is that the content can be easily customized as per the learner’s learning capacity and requirement.

Adaptive learning enhances personalized learning 

Creating an artificial intelligence EdTech system which can provide personalized learning is not an easy task as it requires special data and information to be fed. It also requires a constant system update and maintenance to stay upgraded with the dynamically growing technology and deliver better services. Highly complex programs are created to automate and structure the learning experience to make it more comfortable for students and tutors. However, with constant feeding of data and system updations, the process gets difficult and tedious as it involves a lot of time and money. With adaptive learning through AI, the EdTech companies can smoothly eliminate this difficulty. Additionally, with adaptive learning, if the automated system reads any changes in the learning pattern of any student, the automated system will record the changes in the learning pattern. With the help of the learnt changes, EdTech companies can tweak the automated machine & try to arrive at solutions which shall fill in the gap of the said changes.

Achieving tutoring perfection with student learning analytics 

EdTech companies can integrate various tools using AI to profile or segregate students based on their key strengths and weaknesses. As a result, the EdTech companies can easily identify the major areas of improvements for the students. This also helps in planning & creating personalized learning programs for them. To explain this with an example, there are students with dyslexia who find it very hard to read various contexts. To resolve this, there is a speech recognition software called as dragon speak. It focuses on providing such special students the ability to write using their voice and speech. With this, they can say goodbye to reading difficulties and excel in their studies.

Machine Learning based adaptive learning 

ML is used for programming automated AI tutors to self-learn along with the performance of the students. These automated programs have the capability to learn with trial and errors from the result of some action. Additionally, it also offers capability to learn with student interaction. It even helps teachers to counter the challenges of achieving mastery in teaching multicultural and diversified groups of students. Machine learning based adaptive learning helps EdTech companies in collecting real-time data and self-organizing content for better outcomes.

Automated grading saves time and achieves better results 

The potential of AI in automating the administrative tasks in the education industry is huge with its self-learning capabilities & the integration of AI with ML. Be it a simple task of homework grading or an essay evaluation, the AI trained education software can very easily automate the grading process. AI based EdTech systems pinpoints the areas where a particular student requires improvement. This is possible by integrating the tools of regression analysis with automated AI programs such as NLP.  Further, this also allows the EdTech companies to help their teachers save a huge amount of time on grading and focus more on each student individually.

Enhance Thinking And Creative Capabilities of EdTech Companies

With the rapid evolution in AI and technology, creating an advanced tutoring system from scratch is no longer a dream. Though it can be true that the offline tutoring system of humans can be better than how automated AI machines could tutor. But the most important thing to see here is the medium, content delivery, creation of learning experience and a long term learning which the student can retain with AI embedded programs. For example, these AI EdTech companies can help students to learn and understand complicated mathematical theories or engineering concepts better.

How Chapter247 can help you incorporate these latest tech tools in your business? 

How Chapter247 can help you incorporate these latest tech tools in your business? 

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