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Do You Want Twitter to Increase The Tweet Character Limit from 140 Characters?

Now here is the solution for you. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey explains why his company wants to move beyond 140-characters. The reasons may be Twitter needs to compete with other social channel platforms or it needs more users. Now, CEO Jack Dorsey sheds a little light on why the company is entertaining larger tweets.

According to the new report, Twitter may allow 10,000-character tweets within the next three months or release the feature sometime in the first quarter of 2016. These long tweets would appear on your timeline just as you see them now, along with a call-to-action button which will help you read the tweet in an elaborated manner.

Twitter tweets 2

Such a move suggests Twitter is looking to engage more users, it’s trying to take on the likes of Tumblr and medium. Previously, the company took on Instagram with photo editing features, reportedly unpromising celebrities and other popular accounts to stop posting Instagram links via Twitter. Also, it switched from ‘Favourites’ to ‘Likes’. Of course, we’ve heard twitter was moving past its 140-character limit before, so let’s not get too excited.