If you are running an educational group and are still having staff working remotely for you, then we hope you have already implemented a Learning Management system (LMS) and if not, then a huge opportunity is lost. LMS was first developed to fulfill the needs of the higher education sector, which was vested with the management of all the areas of education including training, development programs, administration, documentation, reporting, tracking and much more. With the evolution of technology, LMS has reached new levels by providing solutions to learning gaps by making use of data and analyzing it based on decided parameters. It also delivers apt content in the form of modules, video and audio clippings, documents and much more with one primary goal – To learn online and to efficiently do it.

E-learning during COVID-19

COVID-19 is a pandemic and more than that a startling reality. In the world over lockdowns have been ordered and with people locked in their homes, educational groups are finding it difficult to get the modules completed. As an E-learning solutions provider company, we have always emphasized how E-learning is beneficial because it is instantaneously accessible and also offers flexible scheduling of study patterns. But the real benefit is what we see today in such hardships when the pandemic has gripped the globe. Educational pursuits should not be stopped because of the pandemic because there are tools such as video conferencing systems that can guarantee the continuity of the classes. Thanks to the emergence of new-age technologies, educators can now use virtual classrooms to educate students from home with all the tools. These online sessions are as good as traditional ones. In many cases, they are far more beneficial like more content, real-time feedback, and reinforcement during these virtual sessions.

With such closures has come the accelerated growth of online learning environments within the educational institutions so that learning cannot be disrupted. The COVID-19 pandemic has indeed tested the preparedness of centers to deal with a crisis that can only allow online measures. Many were actually not prepared or have hitherto taken it too lightly. It is important to now sit and review the reasons why e-learning should be given to students and the reasons should go beyond the period of confinement.

We give you 7 solid reasons to do so

  • E-learning or remote learning options offer highly effective learning ecosystems
  • The students can study and work at their own pace because of the interactive mode and flexible scheduling.
  • No need for any physical books because students can access the content from their devices
  • Proper use of instructor time
  • Real-time teacher feedback instantly
  • Real-time student monitoring and adjoining performance reports
  • Ease of letting franchisees to share schedules and classes online for a thicker class attendance volume

Understanding the difference between E-learning and LMS

E-learning or electronic learning is considered as a time-saver and a cheaper way for organizations to keep students and avid learners updated with newer concepts and information. The training content is delivered online which can be saved by the learners to access it whenever they want to. Popular K-12 courses that are delivered online through various methods like youtube or the likes come under the segregation of eLearning applications. At some point in time, we have all used E-learning applications. Now, this is with respect to learning and content delivery online to ensure that learning happens. But when we talk about an all-encompassing system that just does not include content but also tracking, and building a community around the content, then this is where the learning management system or LMS comes into play.

LMS is a software platform that is vested with the responsibility of delivering material online. It also provides relevant tools that allow the learners to interact with the displayed content as well as others involved in the process. E-learning is part of LM,  it is not done in LMS.

The COVID-19 crisis has changed our world but it has also taught us how education needs to be changed in order to prepare young learners for what the future entails. How it has influenced, it is surely worth looking at:

The role of an educator has undergone massive changes Educator is no more just a facilitator of education but now in this modern setting when students are able to access knowledge and gain technical skills from the clicks of their phones and tablets, the role of education has to be redefined. The role of educators thanks to digital learning platforms have now been upgraded into contributing members of society rather than just being the dominant person delivering lectures and moving out. Their role now has become more participating.

Importance of the interconnected world We are an interconnected world and this got established especially after the COVID-19 pandemic. In today’s world when the exchange of information is at blazing speed, there are no such things as isolated actions. Now in such a situation, educational organizations have learned that after the crisis gets over they have to move over their boundaries and comfort zones to critically leverage their differences and work in a much more collaborative way at a global level.

Accelerated use of technology – As a custom software development company, we have always urged organizations to adopt technology in their overall strategies. Crisis or no crisis, a sound technology strategy will indeed go a long way in ascertaining long term goals and their completion. COVID-19 has resulted in educational institutions across the globe being forced to employ the varied technological tools for creating content for learners who are undertaking remote learning. Educators also are blessed with newer opportunities to enhance learning in students.

Changing essentials of life skills The condition and stress associated with such a pandemic have rendered everyone helpless. The increasing stress levels have added to the worries and this is when young students require a lot of bouncing back and adaptability skills in order to swing past this time. In the future, when these young students seek jobs, employers are surely going to look at valuable qualities like creativity, collaboration, empathy, emotional IQ and their ability to do collective teamwork

Benefits of LMS

Learning Management systems are indeed an important part of the e-learning development process especially when the content is large and complex. If you are still not convinced if an LMS solution is the right thing for you, then we as an LMS solutions provider give you strong reasons to have one.

  • Once the E-learning content is uploaded onto the LMS platform and is being published the learners can access these materials umpteen times. Students can log in to the platform with their devices whenever they want and whichever timing they prefer. Hence global student audiences can access their material according to their timezones.
  • LMS also has eliminated the need to have the e-learning content getting crowded on hard drives and devices as all the learning material can be stored in one location. The biggest benefit of this exercise is that all the important data and material will be secure. Every stakeholder in the process can also access the information with a cloud-based learning management system.
  • We have created robust learning management systems for our clients that lets them keep track of learner’s progress. Educators can ensure that performance milestones are met for instance if the learner is unable to complete a particular module, then additional resources can be provided in order to improve their chances of completing the module. LMS also features tools that will help educators to pinpoint areas of improvement.
  • LMS empowers the user to do away with costs associated with traveling and printed materials. Online learners can shift everything online which implies saving a good amount on learning and development costs.
  • A sound LMS solution will enable the students to integrate social learning into the overall e-learning strategy. Links can be included in various social media platforms like FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, and online forums can be created to augment learning prospects. This will attract new learners and also increase the chances of peer collaboration.

How to get LMS for your institution

Post COVID-19 the core platform for delivery is jfjfffLMS without any doubt. It is then important that higher-education and K-12 leaders choose the right solution. Rolling out a strong LMS platform implies a significant investment in time and resources which is why educational groups should choose the right, experienced and stable LMS solutions provider that can support long term needs. We have delivered key LMS solutions to sturdy education players in their market. Our LMS solutions have helped clients to go beyond conventional capabilities such has delivering grades, assignments, hosting content, etc. Our solutions resonate with the LMS of today which augments collaboration, encourages engagements and also provides relevant support for the students to achieve success.

Our work on an integrated LMS platform for SimpleStudy helped us deliver scalable e-learning applications so that students can prepare for Leaving Cert and Junior certificate exams. Our coherent solutions helped the students to gain easy access to learning resources and also compare their performances to achieve better standards in the future.

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What you need to do

Finding the right LMS solutions provider for your needs is the right way to reap the rich benefits of a true-blue LMS platform. We will help you get the most out of the LMS platform for you to create e-learning courses. Our team of LMS specialists will interact with you, understand your needs and provide you an LMS quote customized according to your needs.

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