Are your Social Media Accounts secure?

So are you interested to secure them now?

Here are 5 tools which you can use to protect your social media and online accounts, and prevent them.

1: Get Alerts on Suspicious Activity

On your mobile device you can install an intrusion detection system to keep access to your social accounts. This type of application will detect suspicious activity to your accounts.

You can try “LogDog” (Android app) which takes on the role of a 24-hour-a-day or you can call it as personal mobile security system which continuously scans variety of unauthorized-access indicators. If there is any unauthorized access you will receive alert.

The app currently will monitor Facebook, Gmail, Evernote, Yahoo and Dropbox accounts and more social platforms will be add in the future.

2: Login Securely With a Password Manager

If your company’s social media account passwords get hacked, your business’s reputation may be harmed, so be sure to create strong profile passwords and modify them often.

Here is a tool like LastPass or 1Password makes it easier to protect your passwords and store them in an encrypted vault. LastPass is available app on Android and iOS devices, or you can download a browser extension to access your passwords on Windows or Mac OS. 1Password is available for both Windows, Mac OS, Android and iOS devices.

3: Control Access to Your Social Accounts

The more and more people have the Admin and Author access to your company’s social accounts, the risk is greater for multiple account access by different Email address and passwords. You can use social media tools like Hootsuite or SproutSocial and minimize the risk of multiple accounts. Make sure that account passwords are changed on regular basis.

4: Manage Account Privacy Settings

It’s very necessary that you use the privacy and security settings on facebook or any other social network account. Whenever you post on facebook business page then your default settings are used. For security, you can customize your default settings in the privacy settings menu. Also check your privacy settings on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and other social networking sites.

5: Install Antivirus and Security Software

You can install Antivirus and Security software on your computer or mobile devices as it is the best defence against viruses and threats. The best thing is that if something looks suspicious to you and you know the source, the safest option is simply to delete it.


Safety and security of your Social Media Accounts is very necessary so that you can you keep your business safe Online.