What Are Chatbots? Benefits of Chatbot in Business Solutions.

Chatbots, often referred to as “Chat Robot” are AI (Artificial Intelligence) driven programs through which any user can Interact via Text or Voice Interfaces. The Interactions may include straightforward results like weather reports, latest news from leading newspapers or a more complex one can be to ask for help in troubleshooting his computer programs.

Here’s the list of Major Chatbot Development Company in 2018.

Chatbots work as a personal assistant and lives in many major chat applications like Facebook Messenger, Slack, Telegram, Text Messages etc. The Idea behind using Chabots is to simplify the process of finding out answers for some routine questions and to increase the Interactions between any user and software (Business).

For Example:
Instead of calling a Taxi from the UBER app, you can directly request a UBER from the Facebook Messenger Bot.

Benefits of Chatbot in Business Solutions

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Here is one of the most frequently asked questions anyone can have about Chatbots.

Do we really need a Chatbot for Business?
YES!! This is because most of the business that have a presence on Major Social Channels aren’t leveraging Chatbots. Which hinders their responsiveness on the social platforms which brings in a bad reputation for the brand.

Here are a few relatable statistics:

– 85% of customers churn because of poor service that could have been prevented.
– Responsiveness on social media platforms like Facebook/Instagram increases customer spend.

We know that now more than ever, customers have come to expect an “always open” environment and their go-to space is social. Chatbots are that solution, and that’s just for meeting a basic customer expectation.

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