Market trends are changing and new mantras have emerged, thanks to the onslaught of the pandemic. We are seeing a paradigm shift in customer perceptions enforced by 2020 – a year that will never be forgotten. It has given a chance to several enterprises to rethink and rework their strategies as a whole because the buzz word is digitalization!

New trends demand new talent, and organizations have to embrace change to make it a part of their core strategy. It’s that time of the year when investment into getting skilled developers will help organizations work in tandem with what the market needs!

Fresh talent, fresh ideas, and a new world – It’s a new beginning for everyone!

The need for the new hunt

2020 was a tough year for businesses but with the new year coming by, things have started looking north and are stable. It has also triggered a need for change, a change in the strategies, a change in customer preferences, and a change in perspectives. New talent has become the norm this year because your organization is looking to approach the market with a different eye to improve its bottom line. There is also a need to develop new products and software which will cater to the new-age post-COVID-19 customer and for that, you need optimal talent that fits well.

Changing customer preferences has called for an expansion in what the company is offering. Apart from that, your legacy software needs a facelift. It is also possible that you are growing and with the current crop of talent, it might be almost impossible to handle current work with what the backend has. When there is a need to scale up, and if you are trying up to save resources by merely managing with the current talent pool, it is a sureshot recipe for disaster.

Your search has to be from a global point of view because if you have to cater to your clientele spread across the world, your talent has to be nothing short of versatile! The need for good, resourceful, enterprising, and skillful developers can be met by using different tactics – whichever has worked best for your organization. You can get access to the right talent by:

  • Placing advertisements in local newspapers
  • Taking full advantage of LinkedIn posts and creating a post for the new requirements
  • Have your employees spread the word and reward them when they get someone on board
  • Use the services of a staffing solutions company to find the right pick
  • And finally – the most cost-effective and pragmatic of all approaches – Hire the services on onshore, nearshore, and offshore developers which will give you access to top talent, a vast pool from which you can hire. For that, you need to take the services from a top software outsourcing development company like us and proceed with what was left undone last year!

Let’s explore this further and understand the type of engineers you can hire

Types of developers

Node JS & Node React

This is perhaps the most important job profile for a developer because Node JS is there to stay. NodeJS developer is a must-have in your repository of talent because such developers create command-line tools and scripts which can successfully generate dynamic web content before the page is being sent to the browser. Node is an extremely demanded application because of its innate ability to scale horizontally and vertically with no boundaries. Then there is also Node React that helps in creating interactive elements on web software applications. Since everything is moving online, websites form an important part of it all, and Node React plays an important role.

As a NodeJS development company, our NodeJS developers are in a great position to create great, sturdy, and robust websites that are exciting to use this year. If you are looking at software applications that are mobile-friendly and replicates the contemporary thought process, then a NodeJS and Node React professional can help you deliver that.

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Native App Developers

Something that can never get outdated, Native app developers are important because the demand for apps that run on specific devices like iOS, macOS is never going to slow down. A business has to target all platforms because it cannot restrict its customers to a few. Native app engineers are much-needed if you have to craft state-of-art mobile and desktop applications to stay ahead of the competition. When you are considering hiring talent, native app developers should be a part.

Adaptable developers

If you think hiring only language-specific developers is a good idea then you need to think again. Engineers who are adaptable to any situation will bring in the most moolah and ensure a happy client! Engineers ready for any uncertainty in the future are perhaps the most underestimated of all requirements. You as an organization can best forecast demand but who would have predicted that the pandemic would sweep lives and businesses.

It is uncertain which technology will become obsolete and which the top preferred. If that’s the case, does your organization have anyone on board who can quickly make the shift from working on one language to another? If not, then it’s time to rethink your strategy!

Flutter developer

Flutter is relatively new but very complex, which makes it hard to find developers who truly know how to work with the SDK. A Flutter developer will commonly design mobile applications and their web counterparts. Although Flutter developers came into the spotlight only a few years back, it has proven to be a brilliant toolkit for developing apps on different platforms. It is hence recommended for growing and changing organizations to partner with a Flutter mobile app development company to benefit from a suite of services without having the need to compromise on the quality and productivity of your Flutter apps.


Docker came into the scene in 2013 and it has ever since it has exploded the IT circles like never before. The application container technology provided by Docker changes the way IT operations are carried out. Containers are the perfect solution to the issue of how to get your software to run efficiently especially when run from one computing environment to the other. This could be from a staging environment into production and a developer’s system to a test environment. Simply put, a container consists of an entire runtime environment, an application with all its dependencies, libraries, binaries, and configurations all packed in one bundle.

Hence containers need a special kind of developer because there is a need to understand YAML and other languages. If you want to stand out in the competition then containers are a must!

AI and Machine Learning

 AI is increasingly used in business contexts to automate manual tasks in an effectively optimal way. ML, one of the applications of AI throws light on how the available data set can be used for decision making thereby executing tasks. The use of AI and data analytics will become important in IT as organizations aim to deliver seamless support and predictive capabilities. Increased data and privacy regulation will have a big impact on the way we design AI/ML models. As a result, investment in data management is going to be significant in determining the success of AI systems.

The surge in the sophisticated applications of AI and ML across industries will place great emphasis on the integration of AI/ML models and capabilities into multiple business processes and operations to better serve your customers.


Many factors could alter the assessment of developer skills. Some technical innovations in the IT field can create new needs. New automation and AI solutions such as GPT-3 have the potential to affect 15% to 50% of jobs. With each passing year, the speed at which tech evolves gets faster and faster. To ensure it moves in the right direction, there is no better solution than to hire fresh talent or even better outsource.

If you are looking to outsource fresh talent, then you can knock on our doors and access the best talent right here!