For the business world, Outsourcing is not new.

Remote teams have proven to be tremendously successful especially for IT projects which need skilled and creative hands on deck, but not necessarily in the office. The thing is, recruiting in-house could be challenging, time-taking and freelancers tend to be a bit unreliable. But, staff augmentation offers the benefits of in-house hires and outsourced workforce at a fraction of the cost.

Comprehending Staff augmentation

The Augmented staffing model is simple, it is an addition to an in-house team with experts on a short or long-term project basis. Your team has the expertise, but a new upgrade requires a skill set missing in your current team. You could possibly do with hiring, but what if that technology becomes obsolete? You will have to bear the expenses further.

Your projects need fresh ideas, newer skills all the time. It is impractical to expect you will have everything on-board. No organization is an island, they have to rely on a partner to be able to fulfill their objectives. With staff augmentation, you can cover the skill gap by contracting dedicated specialists that will match your project needs. You stand to eliminate the chaos and liabilities of contracting in-house employees.

The practical benefits of staff augmentation, begin from improving your core team so that your dream project can be delivered successfully. With a newer and much-scaled team, prepare for a rapid rush of fresh ideas that will fuel sustainable growth. So, Staff augmentation is the temporary extension of your team – you hire the right fit, hand over the project, get the good delivered, and bid them goodbye. You can work fine without recruiting till the next project.

Benefits of Staff augmentation contributing to the growth

In the event of sudden firings, resignations, acquisitions, or large-scale projects that exceed the capacity and capabilities of current staff companies need extra minds to work. The importance of filling these vacancies tower high else your productivity might be in jeopardy. The problem lies in the time to find, onboard, and set a new hire to the task at hand.

As estimated by a famous recruiting platform it roughly takes 23 days to complete the hiring process which can grow or shrink depending on the specific hiring practices of the business. Once a candidate has been liked and selected, the background screenings can add up another week, and imagine your plight when the candidate rejects? You are back to square one! Additionally if hired, it takes a period of two weeks to a month of training before they are operating at peak efficiency. At higher levels of management, this may even take months before achieving measurable results.

Staff augmentation underlies several benefits including the one we discussed above. Let’s look at others:

Increased adaptability and flexibility

When your team is scalable you can afford to take up projects of all sizes and shapes. You will never say no to any of your customer requirements because you have a convenient option. With staff augmentation, you can scale the size of your workforce according to the demands. It will also help you diversify your services and provide great quality solutions with expertise gained from a temporary workforce.

Access to top resources to fill gaps

Staff augmentation has benefits at every stage of the software development life-cycle. But remember not to split because you need to identify that area where you and your team lacks the expertise. You can then focus your outsourcing focus on a particular task or a technology so that you could make up for what your team lacks. It also could mean that you are venturing into a new category with a new project, you do not want to hire, and get straight to the experts to do it. In the end, you will be able to access top resources in the industry to boost your current projects and increase business furthermore.

Your core team can concentrate on what they do the best

When you have planned to explore a new idea and communicate it to the relevant teams to make the idea crackling into work, there can be risks. The work of a QA expert cannot be done by a developer, the work is best left to the ones who can do it well. Or even asking your current IT staff to develop untried platforms could leave them prone to mistakes and mental collapse. It is therefore better to understand the core strengths of your team and bring in dedicated experts to handle the tasks they are not good at. Your core team can work on bettering what they are already good at and can build from strength to strength. This way they can focus on being the best at what they are. Else they will part-jack of all trades and master of none!

Scaling up or down

Your project requires you to hire a Laravel developer for 6 months, so you decide to have an in-house Laravel developer. After 6 months your project gets completed, you either have to ask the resource to leave or you have to bear the expenses, either way, it is an unpleasant situation. IT Staff Augmentation lets you expand or contract your team as your business goals demand. It will help you channel your resources where they are needed the most. Nothing excessive is tied up in one place neither are there any lacks.

Being associated with us as your outsourcing partner will help you stay updated throughout the development cycle. You can now engage or disengage as you please without going through any unpleasant experience.

Staff it up!

You are already boosting your core functions because your core team is focused. In addition to this, you are bringing in new resources implying more knowledge and technological boost your enterprise will receive. Either way, you are benefiting with better know-how, increased capacity, and efficient practices.

When you partner with us, you are accessing top talent in the IT sector. Our workforce is well-versed with technologies, have the dedication to lead projects, and are directly responsible for the result. Contact us today and you’ll be surprised by our flow of brilliant ideas.

Time to hop on the staff augmentation trend!