Why does a company need to look elsewhere for product development? More often than not it is due to the lack of relevant resources in its existing pool.

There’s nothing bad or unusual about this. Product development needs special skills sets and has its own timeline. As a result, companies may need to hire individual freelancers or outsource development to an external team.

Why is hiring a development team

The most vital factor that trumps hiring freelancers over a development team is that taking the latter path will yield more results and less time than the former.  How? Hiring freelance talent would mean hiring one person from each of requirement sets such as developer, designer, coder, frontend or backend developer etc. But hiring a development team would require shortlisting teams instead of individuals. Even though the former way looks like a cost-effective way to go, it often does not yield the kind of ROI you are looking for.

To understand this better, let us examine some benefits of hiring an outsourced development team:

# Customization

When you approach an outsourcing company for hiring a development team, such a company has a wide range of talent pool waiting to be hired. This company has done the initial screening, tested the skill sets and is ready to supply the human resource. This gives you ample scope to tailor-make your team in terms of special skill sets. For instance, for a particular mobile application development, you need React developers and backend developers, for another website development project, you may need Java developers. You have the option of picking and choosing based on your needs. This saves time and you can expedite your product development process.

# Knowledge sharing

Hiring an external development team opens opportunities for knowledge sharing. During the process of working together, your internal team will have acquired technical know-how of the related fields from the outsourced team. An outsourced team offers a fuller and richer work experience and ends up setting examples before your internal team in terms of technical knowledge or practical application of the skills.

# Creativity and diversity

An external team brings in its own set of problem-solving skills and creativity during the product development process. Such a team has worked with companies around the world, so their approach and perspectives are wider and more diverse. This is an added advantage for your company to learn from and grow.

Diverse team = Better motivation

# Experienced in Agile

Agile methodologies such as scrum work much better when it comes to product development cycles. It is important to hire a team that’s well-versed in working in a scrum environment to cope with the sprints and other landmarks in the process. Outsourced teams are often extremely fluent in agile methodologies and will have no challenges in quickly adapting the development cycle.

# Better risk management

Compared to hiring freelancers, it’s always better to go for a whole development team when it comes to risks. In case of unforeseen circumstances such as sickness or changes in the project requirement, an outsourced team is better equipped to provide alternative solutions.

Why is outsourcing a better bet in 2021?

Since Covid-19 hit the world, remote teams have constantly been working for various companies from their homes. A 2009 MIT Sloan study had found that remote or virtual teams outperform those that work physically in an office environment. Since today communication apps have made virtual collaborations more efficient, it has become possible to track productivity and performances. This is why hiring an outsourced development team is the best option in 2021 and beyond.

How to find the best product development team?

How to find the best product development team?

Following are some factors to consider while hiring an outsourced development team –

History – Do check old projects and client testimonials, online reviews of an outsourced team.

Skills and knowledge – You may need the team just for the MVP or at the launch stage or during the entire marketing cycle of the project. Hire a team that fulfills the immediate requirement. You can always add more skilled individuals to the team as you go.

Communication – This is key to the success of any product development. Find out what they are fluent in – when it comes to collaboration tools, communication channels and language. The team should be transparent and quick in communication.

Process methodologies – This is another vital factor in the success of your project. Find out if they have enough experience in working in Agile methodologies.

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Chapter 247 offers dedicated teams