A startup is a risky venture, it can simply knock you out by hitting you hard on your head. And, when it comes to starting a software development company, the challenges increase by many folds. Raising a startup involves a lot of trial and error. There are lot of unknown things that you have to deal with, while establishing your startup, however there are a few things which are completely in control and among this technology is the topmost. It is crucial for a software development startup to move with great pace in regards of technology and framework, in order to prevent your product from becoming obsolete.

When it comes to picking up a right technology for IT startup, the name of JavaScript comes second to none. JavaScript is unrivalled king of front end and ReactJS is one of the best JavaScript framework, which has a lot of buzz around it presently. ReactJS was developed by Facebook for newsfeed, but now it is amongst the most popular open-source framework used for front-end development. Developers around the world are employing React JS’s library for building user interfaces with flawless composability.

Here are a few pros, which make ReactJS, the best framework technology for tech startup:

  • Unlike many other frameworks, ReactJS is SEO-friendly and it helps in improving SEO of client’s site.
  • ReactJS is a nothing but a view library and thus its code be easily applied to existing code to check whether it fits or not.
  • The predefined structure of ReactJS’s components makes it handy for teamwork.
  • The library use declarative approach to define components and is supported by Facebook.
  • ReactJS is a framework through which you can create your own components. All the components designed through this technology, have internal logics, making it easier to define and manipulate them.
  • ReactJS is a view layer, which enable developers to design an app the way they want. It does not impose templates, patterns and complex architecture like MVC.

Moreover, features like high flexibility, less opinionated, thriving ecosystem and huge community are also the couple of reasons that make React JS the viable option for developers. The gradual learning curve of React JS as well as other software development frameworks like Node JS and Angular JS, can easily turn your amateur front end developers into full stack ones.

Apart from this, you can also pick thriving technologies like Redux and Flux. Redux is the prospering library being utilized for front-end development. It is application data-flow architecture, which is mainly used for JavaScript apps. Flux is another easy-to-use application architecture that utilize unidirectional data flow.

For mobile application development, React Native is a technology that help you build apps of client’s choice and too without wasting much time in recompiling. One more benefit of building app with React Native is that combine easily with components written in Swift, Java and Objective-C.

We, at Chapter247, utilize advanced and interactive frameworks like React JS, Redux, Flux for building web application. Front and back-end developers at our behest work on technologies such as React Native to create one-of-its-kind apps. We offer services for various industries including, but not limited to shipping services, recruitment portals, custom marketplace, healthcare for patient engagement and more to our customers based in Canada, US and Europe.

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