If you have the thought of developing your website to be mobile friendly then it’s time to get a responsive website for your business. Have you ever visited a website from your smartphone or tablet and found that it’s simply a zoomed-out version of the desktop website.

In April 2014, Google started penalizing non- “mobile-friendly” (read, non-responsive websites) by downgrading Google rank on Google searches (SEO ranking). Like it or not, but the Internet is Google’s domain, and we’re all just living in it. Google may be our overlord. The new search rankings are designed to reflect the undeniable trend of people accessing the internet via mobile devices – smartphone, tablets, etc.

Time to Get Responsive

About 45 million users in India are using their mobile phones every day to connect with their likes and interest on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. Web developers and SEO experts have been expecting massive requirement of Responsive designs due to the rapid transformation in the Mobile devices. The rise of mobile hasn’t just changed the high tech devices we use to access the internet, but it’s changed the way we consume content.

Responsive web design

Eventually upgrading to responsive website design will only improve your search engine rankings, you can rearrange the information architecture. If you want to discuss about the future of the website then contact Chapter247.

A responsive website adjusts to deliver a comparable experience on all devices and screen sizes. In today’s mobile world, this aspect is more important than ever. While doing website development do remember the responsive designing is to be secured by Google penalizing.