A Futuristic Chatbot creation platform to improvise lead generation strategy

Client Introduction

Andrei Breaz


The client is a UK based player in the lead generation business who set an ambitious goal of providing businesses with an interface where the users can create flow-based intuitive chatbots embedded with conversational architecture. The solution would entail client’s users to have a centralized origination of leads blueprint with combined elements of compulsory input and auto-responding features to ensure that they maintain quality interaction with visitors.

It wanted to associate itself with a technically sound organization that would take on the challenges of developing an interface that meets its objectives in the best possible manner.

The Requirement

  • The client came to us as a part of their expansion and digital transformation strategy. Their objective was to provide an all encompassing bot platform which would help users to create multiple chatbots with multi-channel support and infuse relatable intent in the bot structure and methodology.
  • The business bots would give the users a brand voice to their application by giving it an identity. They wanted the chatbot builder to have several core features like small talk, custom dashboard, and NLP assuring advance functionalities.
  • But this was not just any chatbot platform because the client also wanted us to assimilate niche chatbot features like A/B split test, API’s and custom integration with flexible entities to make the bot interactive. The solutions should further help the enterprises to reduce customer support cost, generate better quality leads, drive sales, and provide a superior experience to their users.
  • This extended collaboration aims to facilitate seamless integration between the client’s chatbot interactive platform and Chapter247’s service portfolio, and to provide omni-channel support to customers.
Business Challenges
  • The client came with a requirement of providing a web application that will serve the goals of both B2B and B2C business.
  • Construct on a story based platform built on Conversational architecture.
  • Provide a strong coalition of human-takeover and human fallback for human agents to get involved at critical points of the chat.
  • To provide an interface where the user can incorporate compulsory and optional inputs as a part of their strategy for customer acquisition.
  • To ensure outstanding performance across multiple platforms, the solution needed to provide seamless delivery on vastly different devices at the same time.
  • Helping users make custom chatbots and with convenient integration feature with their landing pages.
  • Easy navigation with a crisp menu structure to enable easy maneuvering and operation.
  • Breaking down the customer acquisition strategy into Micro and Macro conversation bots which would be a strong USP for the client.
  • Embed Analogical reasoning in coding giving the bot a tool to reason out the conversation.
  • Provide Strong Data analytical tools which will infer information from current and past trends to convert lead to a sale.
  • To provide convenience to link the bot with SEO friendly integrations for lead analytics and tracking
Chapter 247 Process

The structuring of the project began 1.5 years ago. Chapter247 assembled a team of seasoned professionals, including a Project Manager, Project head, Qualified process engineers and several senior-level developers. The team adhered to a dynamic process tailored to the client’s business needs and transparency standards.

For the rapidly changing dynamics of the project, we followed the scrum methodology in which the team head provided incremental builds to the client at various stages of process. The Product creation team worked round the clock to track the progress of the project.

We also followed the agile methodology for software development. Our team was adaptable and flexible who responded quickly to changes. It was a collaborative approach where demands met with immediate solutions. The cross-functional teams coordinated well with the client which ensured success for the project.

The tie-up aims to enable companies to leverage these conversational bots to automate some of their most critical processes across customer support, lead generation and sales funnel management.

Delivered Solution – System Architecture

  • The resulting product is an innovative Chatbot creation platform that allows the client and the users gain authentic consumer insights in a quick and hassle-free way.
  • The team’s scope of work included chatbot platform engineering, building the UI for frontend modules, and database management. For a successful continuous delivery, smooth app scaling and module integration, the team opted for a microservices-based architecture.
  • For the front-end and back-end development we used popular frameworks like HTML5, advanced cascading style sheet, frameworks like Bootstrap, Javascript, AJAX, Jquery, Codeigniter(PHP) and Node Js in the Socket.io form. My SQL was used for database management.
  • We employed Socket.io because a real-time chat system had to be developed. It provided a bi-directional communication channel between a client and a server. Whenever a chat was initiated thesocket.io would ensure that the server gets it and pushes it further to all connected clients immediately.
technologies & RESOURCES




6 Tech Experts

Key features

Super Admin

  • A detailed Dashboard enabling the Super Admin to get a bird’s eye view of user subscription and revenue generation.
  • A unique User Management system to keep a tab on users and their activities.
  • A strong Support platform to help users resolve their queries and helping them to build future-ready bots.
  • Multi-language access and ready templates
  • Feature to add additional templates
  • A user-friendly interface with the in-built mechanism of handling several concurrent users and bots.
  • Email templates to send auto-generated bulk-mails to users for newsletter subscription, Membership plans and account related queries.
  • Automated email templates for membership renewals.

Key features

End User

  • Comprehensive dashboard to manage and analyze the performance of the chatbot.
  • Area-wise reports to track the source of lead.
  • Automated lead filtration and refinement process
  • Lead conversion charts with a month-on-month analysis to craft future strategies.
  • Multiple customization options to integrate the bot script code and infuse it in the website as a widget or as a snippet.
  • A/B split to ascertain and predict User behaviour for continuous improvements.
  • Human takeover which empowers the user to transfer conversation to a human agent at any point in the chat human conversations.
  • A 24*7 chatbot entailing advanced logic-based rules with gamified versions
  • Live-tracking of the chat
  • SEO-friendly integration features
  • Zapier Integration for intuitive automation and integrations to more than 1000 applications.
Business Impact

Chapter247 was responsible for the entire front- and backend development which proved instrumental in the project’s overall success.

  • User engagement and interaction has qualititatively increased.
  • Better customer interaction with augmented revenue generation and business performance.
  • Lesser customer complaints with the round the clock live chat availability
  • A marked increase in customer base.
  • The human take-over activation has enabled the users to focus on the intent and the sentiments of the customer.
  • A more-focused marketing approach leading to successful customer acquisition and a considerable cut-down on costs.
  • Reported increase in the rate of Customer Retention
User Interface & User Experience

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Chapter247’s output has helped improve site performance and boosted lead conversion. Despite the time difference, their seamless communication and organized workflow led to positive results.

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