Women Empowerment in 150 Nations Gets Boost with our Crowdfunding Platform

The Client

Gaining capital for a start-up can be challenging with tough centralized financial measures making it expensive to choose traditional routes. An increasing number of women did not get their deserved place in Venture Capitalist funding leaving them with a few options. The client wanted to find a solution to this problem and came up with a great idea.

In order to assist women entrepreneurs feel financially liberated, Tracy Garley, the founding partner ideated the need for a crowdfunding platform committed to helping women receive both financial and community support.

For the same purpose, it got a web application made by another custom software organization. The web application was meant to be a dynamic application which would be a one-stop-shop for ideas, images, and illustration with secure features protecting user privacy with easy monetization. But the application did not take off because of its bad user experience.

Some major problems that the older version was suffering from were :

  • Extremely slow-loading
  • A major imbalance between design and content
  • Poor security features making it vulnerable to unauthorized entries
  • Poor integration with social media
  • A clear Non-intuitive site navigation
  • A rather poor Information architecture

It decided to get the platform built from another organization and we came into the picture. To build the platform, full of well-germinated ideas and a great UX to further the impact of the novel idea, the client liked our particularly innovative bent of approach and a transparent process that would keep him in sync with the scaled-down development process.

The Requirement
  • The websites had to be embedded with advanced payment gateway for easy transfer of investment amount to the funder. It was a conscious decision as it offered secure transactions with servers to keep customer data safe.
  • The project’s MVP was the first step to build a successful model. The client already had a bitter taste owing to its previous experience with the older company. It was looking at building an MVP first after which it would proceed to the second phase of funding.
  • The client wanted to have separated segregations for Non-profit crowdfunding, business crowdfunding, and personal crowdfunding for easy navigation enabling the users to find what they want with ease.
  • The web application and the content should be optimized for different devices, browsers, data speeds, and search engines. It should support common modern browsers
  • A domain-driven design to suit the needs of all types of users with the use of hypermedia to present text, graphics, audio, and video content to the end-users.
  • Secure modes of data transmission and implementation of strong security measures implemented throughout the infrastructure to protect sensitive content.
  • Even if the patterns of usage vary among users, a large number of users should be able to access the application at one time.
  • The older version had an intricately faulty base clearly indicating a lackadaisical approach used by previous developers. This required us to give a 360-degree turnaround to the application, amending its base structure and overall architecture.
  • Including advanced payment gateway was a little difficult to set-up, integrate & maintain but due to a great API was on track with the overall process. The client wanted a direct transfer of funds to the fundraiser’s account without having to engage in any manual procedure.
  • The website was to have types of payment systems -a one-time payment or a recurring system of donating. The challenge came in when recurring donations had to be factored in. The difficulties stepped in when the client’s crowdfunding solution compensation had to be paid and then transferred to the fund-raiser account almost instantaneously.
  • The platform offered services that led to the monetized end result. Developing the web application heavy on features had to be hack-proof to prevent any backdoor unauthorized entries and discrepancies had to be dealt with.
Chapter 247 Process

Choosing the MERN stack was an excellent choice because this was a high-quality web application. The project took about 60 weeks to conclude because the complexities were in abundance. In addition to using high-performance and customized technologies, the application also allowed for web applications to be developed very quickly. The entire system including front-end and the database used the REST API acting as the middleware. This allowed us to connect applications to each other like pieces in a puzzle.

The development process was translucent and the client was kept in a continuous loop to be aware of the progress of the project. We used the scrum method because we always wanted our communication to be transparent. Based on these regular updates, we accommodated the changes the client wanted. The project was executed in a multi-phased manner because based on our insistence, we rolled out an MVP and tested it successfully. This followed the actual product delivery with huge cost savings and a great outcome.


GoFundHer attracted the Coverage From Many International Media

Houses The platform garnered rave reviews and visibility, for providing an interface motivating women entrepreneurs to make bold choices. The vision was so profound that several lead publications including Swaay.com and Afrotech covered them to feature in their lead stories.

Solution Delivered
  • The first step to remodeling their current website was to undertake a gap analysis to assess which needs had to be bridged to reach the goals that we set at the beginning of the project. We had a deep discussion with the client to understand current utilizations with cost and configuration.
  • We had an unbending focus on following an interactive and incremental approach that stressed on feature-driven development.
  • The web application has been rendered with modular code allowing for greater design consistencies and easier maintenance.
  • Benchmark security protocols were followed to ensure data transmitted between the web server and browser remains encrypted.
  • Robust implementation of version control to record and manage changes. It allowed us to track and reverse any changes to the code.
  • Since the website was heavy due to its dynamic nature, we tried to keep the site page lite with the use of content delivery and caching networks.
  • Starting with the end in mind, we created every step of the process layout using UML diagrams
  • We also ensured that users at every stage in the design phase go for site testing using real-world tasks and note modifications if necessary.
  • We proactively used secured connections to transfer and submit data. We always monitored both outbound and inbound traffic for any security threat.
  • We provided a payment mechanism that was scalable and would change based on the type of donation segregation. Easy and secure transfer of funds and donation management in a seamless manner was delivered

Resources and time


60 Weeks



Business Impact

Our bespoke cloud migration strategies designed keeping in mind their current IT infrastructure and future needs resulted in huge success.

  • The new platform registered stupendous success. It has already expanded to 150 different countries empowering women folk to create new ideas.
  • The platform also achieved a 23% reduction in operational costs as inefficient add-ons were extracted out of the system.
  • The fund-raisers and donation-givers on the platform surged in registrations recording a leap of 55%.
  • Overall, the new idea became a revolution for women entrepreneurs which led to great user traffic, registrations, and donations collected for projects.

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Chapter247’s output has helped improve site performance and boosted lead conversion. Despite the time difference, their seamless communication and organized workflow led to positive results.

Mathieu Valois-Chénier
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