The client

A Canadian Entrepreneur giant wanted us to rewrite legacy Marketplace software and upgrade it for newer and never ending challenge.

The Business challenges

  • How to upgrade an online MarketPlace before its goes obsolete.
    Current Design addition and management system for online stores in software is manual
    Many production staff man hours goes in just creating print ready files of the designs received from respective store owners.


  • Loss of Market share and inability to bring new users and end customers to the Web Portal.
    Manual Distribution of commission to all online store owners
    Promotions and Marketing

Our Solution

  • We proposed to rewrite legacy Marketplace with upgradations to bring client software back in competition
  • A prototype followed by a MVP was developed to test the waters
  • After the success of MVP a full fledged online software was planned, designed and developed
  • Robust software with over more than 1 Million stores and 100k users and 500k end customers
  • User own store setup on marketplace is finished in a few minutes.
  • User own store setup on marketplace is finished in a few minutes.
  • Multi Layer and Automated commission distribution
  • Advance Apparel and products design management
  • Raise Money for All Life’s Activities using the Croudfunding feature

I have worked with Chapter247 for the past two or three years. I have no plans to stop this partnership. It is literally like I have got another member of my team working alongside me. Their team has been invaluable.
Howard lenett

The Product

  • Upload bulk and multiple GBs of data
  • Intelligent and auto analytical Membership plans with custom creation of new plans
  • Custom Credit and bonus point system for subscription management
  • Quick load time even for images with resolutions ranging between 10 to 70 MP
  • Custom and dynamic Image Search managing tens of camera and mood/lighting options
  • Easy and Flexible plans for Freelancer, Indie and Studio.