Project Overview

UpScore is an Ed-Tech platform that’s built for students preparing for their ACT exams to apply for colleges abroad. The Learning Management System(LMS) has Quizzes and Practice Tests to help students with the preparation for their exams.

Client: A professional dentist who wanted to start a parallel business and was passionate towards education.




EdTech, LMS,
Online Learning, CMS

Delivery Model

Managed Dedicated Team


Next.js and ANT framework,
React, Web sockets,
TypeScript, Node, MongoDB
Chartjs and ApexCharts

Business Challenges

The client wished to launch the LMS platform before the new session of 2021. The intent was to get a competitive advantage in the EdTech exam preparation domain especially for ACT.

Our team had to ensure the platform was compliant in terms of industry standards and licenses. The LMS would primarily target ACT aspirants and their parents along with ACT domain-specific teachers/mentors such as English Experts, Logical Reasoning Teachers, Aptitude Experts etc.

We had to enable multi-media compatibility for live webinars, presentations, webcasts etc along with live chats, live and adaptive mock tests etc.

Chapter 247 Advantage

Our e-learning development team got to showcase its multi-layer domain expertise along with its updated knowledge of the technology stack.

We were able to use our expertise in various programming languages and development frameworks that led to the project’s success. We completed the project in 40 weeks with 6 experts working on it.

Solution Delivered

Delivered by Chapter 247, UpScore LMS platform is a full-fledged Education Technology platform that enables online classrooms, access to multimedia resources including video streaming.

The platform lets students, organizations, districts, schools, educators and parents enroll in courses or classrooms related to ACT preparations. These users may also access mock tests, live webinars/video streaming, study resources such as assignments, quizzes among other things.

The LMS has built-in e-commerce features including payment options.

Key Features

  • The platform has study material, videos and quizzes associated with each lesson. The quizzes also have text and video explanations for the right answers so that the students know the reasons behind the right answer.
  • There are 5 Practice Tests. Students will have an option to take up the first test and generate a Learning Plan. This is a customized Study plan generated based on how the students perform in the 1st Practice test.
  • The Students have an option to study for the exams based on either the Complete Course or Learning Plan.
  • Schools and organizations can add their staff on the portal as sub admins to help them with the setup of this application and also other features like seat allocation, adding students and teachers to their respective classes, tracking the progress of students etc.
  • Students and teachers are connected by the class they are added in.
  • While studying from either the complete course or learning plan, users can track progress of their studies.
  • Teachers can allocate their students assignments if they think that will be more helpful for them.
  • Organizations can generate various reports to understand how their students are performing.
  • They can associate with the district under which they fall.
  • School districts and program owners can send and accept Linkage requests to/from Schools and Program sites to create a link and then be able to see the details.

Business Impact

The platform received considerable response and performed well. Hundreds of users - students, schools and districts registered within the first few months. The client witnessed results as expected in terms of early responses and registrations. The website’s database and tests helped hundreds of students clear the ACT exam.


By partnering with Team Chapter 247, Upscore LMS client was able to launch a full-fledged LMS platform with e-commerce capabilities. The solution delivered helped the client get a competitive advantage from the get-go.