The client

Client came up with a concept to build a platform based on sharing economy and proximity. What client believes is that why not rent a leaf blower or trailer from a neighbor, instead of buying one that you only use a few days a year.

The Business challenges

  • People face difficulty when they try to find people with the equipment they need on rent.
    Even if people find the right person with the equipment they need, the distance among them or the price quotations are quite high.
  • The physical condition of equipment remains a mystery until the person actually sees it in person.


Our Solution

  • All types of equipment are categorized under various categories so that it gets easier to find the right equipment
  • A distance-based filter to refine search results and show equipment within the desired range of user
  • Allow the user to post High definition Images of their equipment and allow people to have a better idea of the physical condition of equipment.

Chapter247 is an agency that works with the customer to achieve the objectives. They are a pleasure to work with.
Amgad Elnady

The Product


  • Single signup required to rent out and/or rent an equipment.
  • Messaging services between renter and rentee.
  • Advanced location-based filtering options to refine search results.
  • Upload multiple HD images of equipment to provide a better view to rentee.
  • Rating feature to rate equipment and renter.
  • Request for rental just by one click.
  • Automated Billing for rented equipment.

Business Benefits

  • More than 10,000 users registered on the platform within 3 months after launch.
  • More than 100,000 equipment rented in 6 months.