Product Engineering Services

Be it a first-of-a-kind commercial ERP, a startup idea or a proprietary LOB application, Chapter247 enables businesses to create solutions as splendid as possible from scratch, which combines beautiful interfaces with captivating user experience.

Our Enterprise Software Services

IT initiatives are constantly changing and we as vendors are trying concentrating on the enterprise platform for improving maintainability and scalability.

  • Custom Application Development

    Chapter247 specifically delivers services pertaining to SDN application and analytical algorithm development. We aim at creating customized applications for specific industries by highlighting Software Defined Network and other related technologies.

  • Software Integration

    We make sure that our developers integrate the desired software modules with product engineering requirement for creating the best possible applications. Chapter247 makes way for PHP based frameworks, JavaScript Framework integration followed by a host of other technology stacks for getting the job done. We follow a cross-pollination software development approach, thereby facilitating continuous integration and test-driven product development.

  • 4 week MVP Development

    We offer a dedicated 4 Week MVP Development service designed specifically to build a workable version of your product, keeping in mind most of its core features within a short time frame. Our MVP structure is designed with the non-technical entrepreneur/client in mind; who will work with our team of seasoned developers and turn your software idea into a real product.
    We work on weekly Sprints, which includes planning, software development, testing and reviewing to provide you with visible and frequent progress updates throughout the project.

  • Legacy Application Modernization

    Chapter247 allows companies to modernize their legacy applications; thereby reducing costs and adding more value to the business. We enhance specific applications on the basis of utility while conducting portfolio analysis, application sustainment, and a host of other industry-specific implementations.

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The Latest Tech

Chapter247 dependably monitors new innovations to deliver advanced solutions. The most recent tech gives you numerous significant advantages, from the largest amount of security with Blockchain to Solid Robotization with Artificial Intelligence based calculations like machine learning.

Blockchain Technology

We have helped in developing secure and fast blockchain applications based on proven strategies and results. Blockchain app development provides you with point-to-point connection that helps in generating a rigid record of data and stored informations.

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Aligned process

Efficiency and the quality of our cooperation was based on strong organisational and design processes.

We Are Agile

We work on a Scrum framework, allowing systematic delivery of product incrementations and fast reactions for changes and eventual problems.

The Design Process

The design process includes product workshops, service architecture, moodboards, wireframes, graphic design, code implementation, and testing. It is the best way to achieve maximum possible product quality.

  • What does it mean?
  • Immediate readiness for cooperation
  • Systematical delivery of incrementation
  • Ability to adapt to client's processes

Expertise of Our Product Engineers

Our enterprise software developers have the knowledge, niche skills, and experience to build you a solid software solution.


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