Retail and Marketplace solutions

Revolutionize the retail landscape with our explosive software-defined infrastructure, powerful in-store experiences and insights, better employee engagement with inclusive modeling, and an integrated supply chain planning process to reduce complexities.

Empowered Digital Retail and Marketplace Solutions

As an all-in-one Ecommerce solution development company, we align the state of the art technology with your long-term business strategy, innovate, and scale your business as your customer grows. Chapter247 offers bespoke IT solutions for Retail and Marketplace space to drive digital transformation, revolutionize the in-store experience, and improve the overall experience with disruptive technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Big data, Cloud Computing, and more.

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Retail mobility solutions - Experience digital retail transformation on the go

With more than 8 years of domain expertise, our retail and marketplace consultants provide next-level custom software solutions for providing a superior and engaging customer experience. Digitally speaking, with our Retail and Marketplace IT solutions and consulting services, retailers have successfully integrated their web applications with mobility to experience revenue surge. Our carton of Retail and Marketplace solutions include -

  • Expert assistance on kiosk app development for multi-devices and Point-Of-sale systems.
  • Implementation of emerging technologies like IoT, wearable technologies, sensors to provide contextual in-store experiences.
  • Rich MCommerce solutions are spread across multiple platforms for customer engagement and rich experience.
  • Designing, building, and optimizing digital wallets for a convenient customer experience
  • Customer information databases of buying behavior and purchase history for customized experience
  • A robust inventory and order management with tracking of real-time inventory with our apps resulting in product availability, customer satisfaction, and loyalty

Retail consulting - Next-gen software for digitally enhanced experience

IT consulting across various industries has been our innate expertise. Our retail IT solutions & consulting helps identify business improvements and also provide path-breaking integrated retail planning solutions. The need of the hour for several conventional retailers is to focus on reinventing strategies for omnichannel experience by aligning product and customer data captured in real-time.

We assist business leaders to unravel business opportunities to drive traffic. Our cross-channel platforms help retail businesses to enhance customer experience and streamline operations across enterprise and supply chain.

Our retail and marketplace consulting offerings are based on three ideas

  • To create stores that are futuristic by blending the core processes with the customer data to enable intelligent automation of business functions.
  • Our solutions include the development of a lean enterprise with cloud-based analytics, microservices, DevOps and API’s
  • We drive innovation and always vouch for adopting the latest technology like blockchain and intelligent signage.

Supply Chain solutions for enhanced product reachability

From manufacturing to the final checkout from the factory to a point when it reaches the customers, our supply chain solutions enable real-time visibility of products at every stage of the supply chain. Our solutions help retailers digitize their supply network, on-shelf availability, slash inventories and gain visibility.

  • We ensure effective relationship management with manufacturers through our communication tools and monitoring products throughout the lifecycle of the product.
  • Bring in through automation of buying and selling processes that encompass inventory and order management, overall store operations, and dashboard management.
  • A successful platform for easy remote collaboration between buys, vendors, and manufacturers.
  • Real-time access to critical functionalities with powered mobile solutions

Futuristic custom software development solution for retail ideas

Our tailor-made retail IT solutions include retail softwares like ERP systems with 3rd party software integrations, POS applications with swift integration with POS devices, and back office management software for inventory management. We bring to reality customized development of storefronts to meet the unique needs of your business by developing and delivering feature-rich platforms.

  • Brick and mortar software to automate routine operational tasks that include inventory and order management, Shipments, invoice management, and much more.
  • POS solutions such as cash register software for traditional, touch screens, and other systems card payments, electronic balance transfers, mobile payments, Loyalty, rewards, and gift cards.
  • Retail inventory management solutions and warehouse management solutions to track stock with stores.
  • We integrate ERP and MRP applications for maintaining exhaustive purchasing, order inventory, accounting, and franchisee management.

Retail CRM - Better connectivity, coordination and software to boost sales and productivity

Ever since we came into being, our associations with historic retail brands, FMCG companies, and digital brands also go on to prove our sharp CRM solutions. Our vision in delivering CRM, eCommerce, private label management, sales analysis, and other retail IT solutions adopted by several companies establishes our firm hold on best practices.

Our suite of CRM solutions offered are

  • Integrated CRM system with an eCommerce platform, mobile application, social media, and web application to reward customers according to their interactions in whichever channel.
  • We help you leverage and realize your sales potential with effective contact management.
  • Connecting retail CRM with the shopping cart, ERP network, and other functionalities to up the customer service bar.
  • We help you experience effectual dashboard management using data-rich analytics. The infusion of reporting options also will be marked with a thorough analysis of marketing campaign performance reports, sales reports, and other opportunities.

Features of the solution provided


Adaptivity and responsiveness

Responsive and adaptive design mechanisms to develop portals that deliver seamless, interconnected shopping experience overstepping physical boundaries through
  • Inventory Management
  • Order Management
  • Integrated Live chat
  • Catalogue Management
  • Product review, Recommendation engine & searching
  • Product Marketing, Promotions
  • Payment integrations

API platform

  • We empower our retailers with authentic omnichannel experience by leveraging the potential of API and microservices mechanisms.
  • Connect with your customers through any device and win their brand loyalty by giving them a personalized experience.
  • Rapid innovations in the offerings to keep the surprise element on for the customers
  • Gain new customers with a seamless experience

Round the clock support

  • Unconditional round the clock support.
  • On-going maintenance for your solution application.
  • Effective communication with the support team.


  • Implementation of advanced security systems
  • Measures to safeguard customer data across purchase platforms

Emerging tech section like this

  • New-age technologies for enhanced customer engagements
  • Increased customer loyalty
  • Higher revenues & Productivity

Augmented reality / Virtual reality

Our AR/VR solutions help customers to visually experience products. We assist merchandisers in creating a visual representation of in-store planograms. Other AR/VR solution will also

  • Virtual Fitting rooms
  • product reviews
  • 3D virtual product
  • Touchscreen showrooms
  • Virtual fitting rooms

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